How to Apply For a Job Past the Deadline

Is there anything more disappointing than finding your dream job advertisement, only to realise you’ve missed the closing date? Can we get a collective sigh? Now you have two choices, cry into your pillow and then forget about the role, or try your luck and go for it anyway. The way we... Read more

6 Career-Defining Moves To Make In Your 20s

We get it. Your twenties are your selfish, life’s a party, no-strings-attached years, right? Most 20-somethings are yet to be weighed down with the responsibilities of later adulthood - think mortgages, teenagers, school and community responsibilities you wonder why you ever took on…... Read more

The 10 Most Endangered Jobs In 2017

Robots taking jobs away from humans. Well, that wasn’t hard to predict. But is it really happening? Yes and no. To give you an idea, in America, 85% of the jobs lost in manufacturing over the last decade were attributed to robotics. Pretty crazy, huh? But it’s not just robots we need... Read more

These Are The 5 Interview Questions You Must Prepare For

You go to a building you’ve never been to before. You meet a stranger who you know is forming an opinion about you. You answer a series of questions that you weren’t told in advance. Your responses will determine whether or not you’ll land this job. It’s really no surprise that... Read more

These Will Be the 10 Hottest Jobs in 2017

  Hey jobseekers! Here at Adzuna we have a little seasonal present for you. Want to know what the hottest jobs of 2017 are going to be? Well...we’ve done our research to determine which jobs will be most in demand. We’ve taken data from the Australian Federal Government’s... Read more

Find a job at 40

There are two common misperceptions about workers over 40 - that they cost more and know less about technology. Sometimes it can be hard enough to find a job as it is, without the extra burden of competing against applicants half your age. That’s why we’re here to help. Check out the... Read more

How to Apply for a Job by Phone

There are two reasons why you would make a phone call to a potential employer. Maybe you’re applying online for an advertised position but you’d like to go the extra step, or maybe you just want to call and introduce yourself to try and get a foot in the door, even if they’re not... Read more