Ways To Build Professional Relationships

IMAGE: Getty Images No matter which line of work you’re in, professional relationships should be considered the core and heart of the overall business system. Whether colleagues, clients, associates, stakeholders, customers or target audience, all business requires strong relationships... Read more

The final hurdle – REFERENCES

With the time and energy required to find that perfect role including searching, resume preparation, testing and the actual interview, an important final step of the process is often overlooked. References. It is reported that around 85% of hiring managers will check at least one... Read more

Lights, Camera, Recruitment!

Technology is an essential part of any good HR Consultants tool belt. So it should come as no surprise to us at Apply Direct, that there has been a huge increase in the use of video interviews or ‘Skype’ interviews being conducted. In fact, many recruiters are using online video... Read more

Achieve Career Goals

Once you’ve developed your working vision statement and mapped out some goals, you will have a fairly good grasp on your direction and can aim for achieving those career goals with certainty and clarity. With a plan under your belt, you know where you stand and can begin to network at... Read more

How To Prepare For Your Interview

No matter how many interviews you’ve attended in the past, there is no such thing as too much preparation for each and every interview you score. You’ve taken the time and effort to create and submit your application, and it has clearly been noticed enough to warrant an interview... Read more

Passive Job Searching

Passive job searching is anything but passively minded. To passively job search is to maintain a state of openness and readiness should bigger employment opportunities present themselves, or if you unexpectedly find yourself out of work. This is not to say one is unhappy in their current... Read more

What Good Mentoring Looks Like

In theory, great managers should be like mentors to all members of their team, counselling and supporting staff as part of their ongoing responsibilities as an inspiring and passionate leader. In reality, though, great managers are extremely scarce, commonly lacking any thread of passion... Read more

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