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How to impress your interviewer

  So, you’ve passed the resume test and beaten countless others to the interview post! Very nice work, but while you might look great on paper, the real test begins in the flesh with the interview. By now we all know that eye contact and a firm handshake are imperative formalities when trying to impress Continued »

Adzuna Australia is hiring!

Join Australia’s most exciting recruitment start-up and change the way Australians find their next job! is a young, hungry start-up on an exciting growth journey to disrupt the online recruitment sector (backed by Fairfax in Australia). Launched in the UK in 2011 we are now live in 11 countries around the world!  Adzuna is now Fairfax Media’s Continued »

Questions to ask in your performance review

Source: gettyimages An essential element to consider when faced with your performance review is that it’s a two-way street. In other words, it’s not only a review of your performance, but an opportunity for you to discuss matters about the very workplace which impacts your performance. So, rather than asking “how did I do?” on Continued »