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How To Beat Interview Nerves


Laying claim to the best resume on earth will end up meaning very little if you’re a bag of nerves during your interview.

We all get nervous – and it’s particularly natural in a job interview. However, letting your nerves interfere and take the whole show over is something that can and should be avoided.

Much of the key to quashing those nerves is in the lead up to the interview. For example, if you do your research and know the background to the organisation and have a good handle on the position description, then you won’t be so afraid of questions you’re unprepared for. You’re less likely to hit stumbling blocks or feel inadequate – all of which would ordinarily be recipes for disaster.

Ensure you freshen up and fuel up prior to the big moment. A nutritious, balanced meal that is not too heavy (avoid pasta, for example) will go a long way in keeping your mental functioning at peak and your energy levels stable. Avoid too much coffee as it may over stimulate you and can lead to anxiety. Freshening up with a relaxing bath or hot shower can steady your mind and your nerves.

Try to clear your mind and calm your nerves with some relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation and mindfulness exercises – all of which train the breath to slow, focus and regroup, having an overall calming effect and keeping you in the present moment as opposed to running off with those nerves.

Know your worth. Keep in mind that you’ve made it as far as an interview for a reason. You obviously have skills or prior experience that appeal to the organisation so they are already interested in you and who knows? You might be the favourite applicant. Remember it’s not only a question of whether they want you, but also whether you want them. So always know your worth and strengths – and sell yourself accordingly.

Regardless of how you feel the interview went, it’s always a good idea to ask for feedback which can assist you for future applications.