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How Do You Know When It’s Time To Leave Your Job?

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So, you can do most of your work in your sleep, you’re bored beyond all reason and you know all the office jokes before they’ve even been uttered? Could it be time to leave your job?

Getting to the top of your game in what you do is the ultimate goal for most people. Yet, no matter how hard you’ve worked to master your position or how long you’ve spent getting there, it’s very rare that you should stay put from then on, stagnating for years to come.

This is not to say you should bolt for the door the moment you feel comfortable. After all, there are always more unexpected lessons to be learned and potential curly events to unfold, so you need to give yourself the chance to breathe and to experience some longevity.

However, if you’re noticing it’s months since you’ve been challenged in any respect and you’re actually bored by what you are doing, then it might be time to start thinking about moving on.

You might find your ideas aren’t being noticed anymore – or the contrary – they are used no matter how predictable and flat they seem to you.

Perhaps you are starting to feel that you’re taken for granted, no longer being heard, expected to do others jobs for them or work ridiculous hours without compensation.

One particular giveaway that it’s time to jump ship is when bad habits have formed within the organisation whereby cliques are rife, gossiping is the norm and games are being played. It’s a sign most others are also bored and that their focus is not where it should be. Whatever you do, don’t let yourself become entangled in such inane behaviour as it will put your work and professional image at risk.

In any case, trust your instincts. You’ll know when work has become a drag or the environment is toxic. Just don’t quit prematurely. You’ve earned the right to bask in some of the glory of being great at what you’re doing – you should at least enjoy it for as long as is healthy.