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How To Search For A Job Effectively

search for a job effectively

Job searching these days is more overwhelming than ever before with online employment sites in abundance, LinkedIn a never-ending network pool and job apps and social media at every turn. It’s easy to see why people are daunted by the prospect. 

However, there are techniques and strategies to narrow your stream of focus and find only the areas most appropriate to you, so that you can use your time and energy wisely, and not waste it on roles you were never born to perform.

It sounds old fashioned, but devising a plan for yourself can save a lot of time, and give you increased clarity and focus. Without one, you are diving in to an abyss of information, directionless and with no end in sight. Perhaps you already know exactly which jobs you’re suited to. Or perhaps there are alternate options you hadn’t previously thought about.

In either case, allow yourself a fresh approach and take a calculated look at your qualifications and experience. Choose from that list the areas you enjoy most and feel you’re best at. Discard those you dislike.

Then, think about the types of jobs and industries these positive areas could be applied to, and also any additional types of jobs you feel generally interested in, which sit within or close to the realm of your existing experience.

From here, the idea is to produce a list of specific companies or establishments to which your skills and interests could be applied. So rather than waiting for random organisations that you’ve never heard of to advertise a position, you are being proactive and choosing exactly where you want to work and then approaching each particular organisation.

What you’re also able to do is network using online tools such as LinkedIn or even everyday social media. You can research who works at your target place of employment, introduce yourself to them and strike up conversations. You never know, you might find it’s the perfect way to hear about upcoming opportunities or to be introduced to the right person.

This kind of approach, however, rarely works instantly. It takes patience, determination and persistence. It could be months before an opportunity presents itself, but in the mean time, continue to network in your desired circles, and don’t stop at just one or two options.

Keep a larger pool of places to target, and continue to do so (within reason) and eventually you will more than likely be tipped off about a relevant opportunity somewhere of interest.

By tailoring your job search in this way, you will also more easily recognise when appropriate advertised positions crop up, and you will learn where to search for them with ease. As such, you’ll have the best of every approach at work.