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Best entry level jobs

Starting at the bottom is an unavoidable step for most. There are, however, a number of ways to get your foot in the door without having to break your neck in the process. For some roles, particularly skilled trades including carpentry, plumbing and hairdressing, an apprenticeship is the most common and direct way in. Apprenticeships Continued »

The Big Picture: Clear & Concise Business Writing

Business people expect to be able to read, without difficulty, any document they’re given. They don’t want to have to spend time reading it again and again in order to understand the message. Regardless of how grammatically correct a piece of writing is, they will condemn it as badly written if they can’t understand its Continued »

Tips For A Better Work-Life Balance

Longer working hours, lower staff levels and increasing pressure and demands have meant that, for many, work has become excessively exhausting and stressful, leaving little time or energy for a life outside the office. If you are finding the balance is not in your favour, it might be time to examine certain areas of your Continued »

Best Practices For Career Growth

Walking the line between best and worst practice in terms of career growth is a very fine one. Some people try too hard while others don’t try hard enough. Here are some tips on getting the balance right. When it comes to the workplace, good relationships are often as important as being good at what Continued »