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What Good Mentoring Looks Like

In theory, great managers should be like mentors to all members of their team, counselling and supporting staff as part of their ongoing responsibilities as an inspiring and passionate leader. In reality, though, great managers are extremely scarce, commonly lacking any thread of passion due to being consistently stressed and time-poor. However, some do possess Continued »

How To Get Noticed For That Promotion

If you’re of the mindset that brown nosing the boss and elbowing your colleagues out of the way is the right technique in obtaining that sought after promotion, you might like to rethink your strategy. Transparency in the workplace generally holds far more weight than game playing and sly moves, so, aside from quality work Continued »

Building Self Confidence

In the workforce, skills and qualifications alone are not necessarily enough to excel. Self confidence is imperative in maximising those skills and driving yourself and your work into the foreground for the greatest exposure and results. For some, self confidence is inherent and comes easily. For many others, however, it is an elusive quality which Continued »

How To Find A Job Through Social Media

The term social media has, understandably, lead many to believe that its sole function and purpose is socialising. What many don’t fully appreciate is the likes of Facebook, Twitter and particularly LinkedIn can be very effectively utilised to network, make important job contacts and discover job listings and opportunities. LinkedIn is not simply a site Continued »