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Lights, Camera, Recruitment!

apply direct blog post

Technology is an essential part of any good HR Consultants tool belt. So it should come as no surprise to us at Apply Direct, that there has been a huge increase in the use of video interviews or ‘Skype’ interviews being conducted. In fact, many recruiters are using online video interviews instead of a phone interview as part of their screening process. What was once reserved for candidates unable to attend an office interview or for applicants who lived interstate or overseas, is now being widely used as standard procedure. So while a video interview might not be the ‘norm’ for your average job seeker, for recruiters they are time saving, convenient and definitely on the increase.

The good news for candidates is that with a bit of preparation, an online or ‘screen’ interview may not be all that daunting after all. Let’s face it … not having to battle traffic, parking or even having to leave your lounge room is a good start.

Look behind you.

Being aware of your ‘on screen’ environment is of the upmost importance. Consider what the internal recruiter will see in your screen shot. A simple and orderly background is recommended and if possible, it is best to avoid too many personal effects or clutter. A plain wall, indoor plant or neat bookshelf creating an office or professional environment is ideal.
Lighting is also worth considering. The area should be well lit, but avoid bright direct overhead lighting as this can cause dark shadows on the face.
Ensure you are in a quiet place, setting phones and other devices to silent. Remove pets from the room and consider other incidental noises like televisions, fans or air-conditioners.

Look the part.

From a sitting position at a table or desk you will only really be visible from the waist up. Even though you may be enjoying the comforts of your lounge room, be sure to still look the part. Dress as you would for a normal job interview keeping your appearance neat and professional.
At times it can be more difficult to build rapport with an internal recruiter on screen. Be sure to smile, speak clearly and take your time in answering questions. Be aware of the camera position and speak to it instead of the actual screen. This will ensure easy eye contact.


As interviews are such a crucial part of the recruitment process, it really is best to have a ‘dress rehearsal’ … or even several. Take time to down load Skype or the relevant technology. Call friends and family and get comfortable using it. Experiment with volume levels, different types of settings and lighting.

And finally, because we all know that technology is only good when working properly, be prepared to speak up in an interview if you encounter technical issues. If you are having trouble hearing or if there is an unexplained delay or buffering, it is much better to raise the issue with the recruiter than to try and muddle your way through.

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