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Passive Job Searching


Passive job searching is anything but passively minded.

To passively job search is to maintain a state of openness and readiness should bigger employment opportunities present themselves, or if you unexpectedly find yourself out of work.

This is not to say one is unhappy in their current position or looking to change it for any reason. On the contrary, a passive job searcher is probably great at, and loving, what they do, yet are universally minded about the endless opportunities that exist in the workforce, and at the same time, aware that no job is 100 per cent secure.

Their attitude tends to be geared towards making the most of their careers, and climbing as high up that ladder as they can.

Passive job searchers, therefore, are often very busy, driven, and focussed workers, because they are career-centric and place a huge emphasis on results and achievement.

This leaves little time to regularly scope out the wider job network, however, there are still ways a passive job searcher can keep abreast of marketplace activities and ensure they are inside the networking loop.

An up to date LinkedIn profile is essential, as many organisations use the site to headhunt and scout for specific ‘types’. Also, your profile will be ready to use at short notice. A cleverly-worded mission statement alluding to your wider and future aspirations can suggest you are ambitious and open to opportunities at all times.

While a passive job searcher may not actively troll the internet for job openings, they certainly should and do network whenever possible whether internally in their current organisation or at outside events such as conferences and networking functions.

Having a reputation for being great at what you do with good interpersonal skills and a knack for making contacts will hopefully put you on the radars of those whose help you may need in future.

Keeping in touch with relevant businesses and employers is a way of job news potentially coming your way without having to seek it out.

Any organisation can suffer financial strain or decide to make changes or cutbacks at any given moment, no matter how secure things may appear.

As a passive job searcher, if you find yourself suddenly out of employment, you are in a strong position to turn to your networks for immediate guidance and can begin active job searching at a moments notice.