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How To Prepare For Your Interview


No matter how many interviews you’ve attended in the past, there is no such thing as too much preparation for each and every interview you score.

You’ve taken the time and effort to create and submit your application, and it has clearly been noticed enough to warrant an interview request, so don’t sell yourself short by neglecting to thoroughly prepare before the big day.

Research is the first step. How much do you really know about the organisation? It’s always wise to obtain some background information so as to add to your confidence of company knowledge and history.

You must also learn about the values and culture of the establishment. After all, these aspects will help you decide if the job is a good match for you in the first place. Read as much as you can online, and see if you can quiz some past and present employees, who are usually easy enough to find via LinkedIn. This kind of information could help form the basis of your answer to the inevitable ‘why are you interested in this job?’ question.

In fact, it’s imperative you anticipate all types of questions before your interview, based on the role you’re applying for. Think about the position. Is it a leadership role? Does it deal with customers and clients? Is there lots of writing expected, or public speaking? Will you be required to operate machinery or have an understanding of computers and particular software?

You be sure you will be asked something in relation to each facet of the role. It is not only important to articulate a thoughtful response, but to provide examples where appropriate. You might be asked for details of a time you solved a particular problem or resolved a curly issue for a client. You might be required to demonstrate your understanding of team building or leadership by giving a recent example.

The trick is to be prepared with ideas, past experiences, insight and of course, examples. Be sure to keep your answers succinct and direct rather than long winded and sloppy. Practising out loud at home might sound silly, but it’s an excellent way to prepare.

Depending on the type of job, you might also like to take with you a folio of past work, achievements, projects, ideas or any other relevant items to show your interviewers. It will reinforce your interest and hopefully offer an opportunity to highlight some of your strengths and skills.