Achieve Career Goals

Once you’ve developed your working vision statement and mapped out some goals, you will have a fairly good grasp on your direction and can aim for achieving those career goals with certainty and clarity.

With a plan under your belt, you know where you stand and can begin to network at every opportunity whether online or in the flesh. You can register for training courses or seminars, approach companies and nut out which people you will benefit from meeting directly.

You can ensure your resume is as great as possible by researching specific examples and sourcing advice from recruiters, colleagues and mentors. Every detail should be tweaked and your layout should be experimented with to allow the best possible version to emerge. Try to balance creativity with professionalism and polish.

Once you’re ready, you can begin applying either directly to organisations of interest or in response to suitable advertised positions. Be sure to have established your ideal references ahead of time in case you need them sooner than you think.

Attend as many job interviews as possible, even if the role may not seem quite right. The more experience you can get as an interviewee, the more you will nail future attempts. Never attend an interview, however, without having done your research. You should know the background of the company and have some insight into what their latest projects and plans are. You should preempt relevant questions and have answers and examples prepared.

Throughout every employment opportunity you gain, keep track of the skills and knowledge you obtain and cross check these with those listed on your plan. Are there additional ones you didn’t foresee? Are there some which still need acquiring? This will help keep you motivated and productive in the right areas.

As you are taking and completing these steps in accordance with your goals, you should revise and update your plan in case you change your mind about something. Nothing reveals how you really feel about a job like hands on experience. As you learn along the way, your goals may shift or be elaborated on which is to be expected. Don’t feel your job plan is inflexible or set in stone. After all, you are in charge of your career path at all times.

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