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‘Engineer’ Crowned Top Job Search Term of 2015

Millions of job searches were made throughout 2015 using a vast range of keywords, but 'engineer' came out on top and has been crowned the most popular search term of the year that was. Achieving more than double the number of searches as it's runner up, 'driver', the term 'engineer'... Read more

10 Ways to Secure Your Dream Grad Job in Australia’s Tough Grad Job Market

AS university graduates prepare to battle for employment in a fierce jobs market, an elite bunch will be one step ahead. Research shows some forward thinking makes a huge difference when it comes to landing that dream job and now is the time to start. Next year’s highly organised... Read more

Class of 2015 University Graduates Set to Outstrip Graduate Job Vacancies by 2415%

200,532 university students are expected to graduate in 2015 with only 5,182 listed graduate vacancies. The average starting salary for graduates remains static for the third year in a row at $52,500. Total job vacancies jump 8.8% year on year with 135,079 total vacancies Australia-wide.... Read more

What Employers Want

A NEW mind-reading tool is giving job seekers the chance to know exactly what employers want. Recent statistics have unlocked a secret formula to help bag that top job whether you are looking for a graduate position or are already in the workforce. But be warned, talents sought by... Read more

Has the emergence of sharing economy jobs put an end to life as a ‘poor uni student’?

Despite being almost twenty years since its first incarnation, the internet is changing and evolving now more than ever, giving rise to an array of new and highly attractive employment possibilities for students. As unique, cutting-edge apps are launched daily, competition for the latest... Read more