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Excuse me while I take 43 tours of the Hunter Valley

Recruiter Michael Page and real estate giant LJ Hooker teamed up to create an addictive tool that gives you an idea of how much more money your next job could get you and some interesting suggestions on how to spend it.

After asking a series of simple questions about your current job, how you like to spend your money, your location, rental/mortgage expenditure and what your next career move will be, it calculates how much additional money you’ll have to spend on the things that matter most if you land that big promotion.

According to this fun salary tool, I could have 12 bottles of wine delivered straight to my doorstep every 3 months for the next 15 years, go on 82 shopping tours of Melbourne or my personal favourite, take 43 tours of the Hunter Valley.

This is all based on living in NSW, but if I were to relocate to South Australia, I could have an extra 5k up my sleeve… That is another years’ supply of wine (this wine must be expensive, we aren’t talking about the $12 Coolabah cask), 905 McDonald’s Big Macs, 418kgs of bacon, 16 annual gym memberships or 86 shopping tours of Melbourne. The problem is, how could I possibly decide between these enticing and obviously responsible spending options?

Michael Page and LJ Hooker have created an entertaining tool that puts your potential salary into perspective.

Spend wisely, go the bacon.