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Aged care job vacancies exceed job candidates by 4x

It’s no surprise that Australia’s ageing population is starting to negatively impact the workforce, particularly the aged care industry and healthcare in general.

Our recent research found that aged care job vacancies exceeded job candidates by four times, with an average of 8,403 job vacancies per month but only 1,899 people searching for jobs in aged care. What does this mean? Around 6,000 positions might not be filled.

Even though there is a significant disparity between vacancies and job seekers, there are more people searching for aged care work than ever before, but the demand for aged care workers is growing at a more rapid rate than the number of job seekers.

We also delved deeper into the salary trends within the aged care industry and found that personal care workers earn well below average salaries despite being intensive work, while managerial roles are paying up to 240k causing an upwards salary trend.

CEO of Adzuna, Raife Watson, explains that without a strategy in place to drive people to consider aged care as a career path, the industry and Australia’s older population are in trouble.

Read the full Job Report here.


Adzuna February Job Report – Aged Care