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ValueMyCV: Making ‘The Money Talk’ Less Awkward

Talking about money makes people awkward, whether it’s splitting a restaurant bill among friends or working out how much money is acceptable to chip in for a birthday present. It can transform the coolest, calmest character into a stumbling, stuttering mess. Most of the time it really doesn’t matter. When you’re searching for a new job, or negotiating a pay rise with the boss, money takes a whole new meaning.

Following a successful UK launch in 2015, Adzuna Australia are thrilled to launch ‘ValueMyCV’ – a free, simple and quick online tool for Australians to check if they’re being paid what their CV says they are worth in the current market. It also comes armed with an ‘email my boss’ feature, for those feeling particularly brazen about salary negotiations.

Value My CV is a first for the Australian job market and is another example of Adzuna’s commitment to use smart technology to improve the job market for jobseekers, employees and recruiters.

How on earth does it work? You probably had the same question about Apple’s voice recognition tool, Siri. Our team of tech-wizards used the very same natural language processing technology as Siri; only this time applied it to analysing more than 100 features of a CV including education, key skills, work experience and location. Our unique model was built using a dataset of 50,000 Australian CVs, complete with current salary details. The result? A statistical estimate of your market value, based on the Australian jobs market today.

Raife Watson, CEO for Adzuna Australia: “Only 19% of job ads in Australia disclose a salary compared to 72% in the U.K. ValueMyCV will bring greater transparency to the Australian job market when it comes to salaries and will give people a clearer indication of their current worth.

 “ValueMyCV will positively impact many different people in Australia including mothers returning to the workforce from maternity leave, graduates entering the workforce for the first time, and people looking to transition to new jobs from declining industries like mining and manufacturing.

Are you being paid what your CV says you’re worth? ValueMyCV is live and can be found here.