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The Best Jobs for People Who Hate Being Told What to Do

In the second week of my first job out of university I was called into a meeting room by a senior manager who said to me, somehow with a straight face, “I do not want to see breakfast on your desk past 8:30am. Do you understand?” I stared back with wide-eyed disbelief at his request... Read more

Best Jobs for the Environmentally Conscious

This morning at the train station a woman in a green pea coat handed me a green pamphlet with her face on it and politely asked me to vote for The Greens in the upcoming Federal Election. “Is this pamphlet biodegradable?” I wondered as I did my bit for the environment and put it in... Read more

Best Jobs for Foodies

In 2016 almost everyone claims to be a foodie. We sit, watch and salivate in front of our television screens most nights as aspiring chefs present tongue tingling dishes to a panel of well-fed food enthusiasts, also known as critics. “I wot wat wob!” I scream at the TV, brandishing my... Read more

How to answer the dreaded question, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

IT’S the question on every interviewer’s list - “Where do you see yourself in five years?” And your response has the potential to win you that dream position. Experts agree recruiters use this inquiry to help determine whether candidates are looking for a career or just some... Read more

How to Make Your Social Media Presence Employer Friendly

IT’S time to clean up your digital imprint and make sure your social media presence is resume-worthy, as you prepare to snare that dream job. Social media is fast becoming one of the first ports of call for employers as they research candidates for future positions. According to a... Read more