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Best Jobs for the Environmentally Conscious

This morning at the train station a woman in a green pea coat handed me a green pamphlet with her face on it and politely asked me to vote for The Greens in the upcoming Federal Election. “Is this pamphlet biodegradable?” I wondered as I did my bit for the environment and put it in Continued »

How to Make Your Social Media Presence Employer Friendly

IT’S time to clean up your digital imprint and make sure your social media presence is resume-worthy, as you prepare to snare that dream job. Social media is fast becoming one of the first ports of call for employers as they research candidates for future positions. According to a recent survey by Jobvite’s Social Recruiting, Continued »

Best Jobs for Foodies

In 2016 almost everyone claims to be a foodie. We sit, watch and salivate in front of our television screens most nights as aspiring chefs present tongue tingling dishes to a panel of well-fed food enthusiasts, also known as critics. “I wot wat wob!” I scream at the TV, brandishing my empty spoon at George Continued »