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How to Banish Fear From Your Job Search

IT’S time to push past those fears as you continue to put yourself out there in the hunt for the perfect position. Endless applications coupled with the anticipation of rejection, let alone those daunting interviews, can mean fear and anxiety become part of your job search. But don’t let that uncertainty and intimidation slow you Continued »

Woolworths Cuts 500 Jobs: What to do if you’re facing redundancy

Woolworths will slash 500 Australian jobs and close up to 21 underperforming stores in an almost $1 billion restructure. Chief executive Brad Banducci said 500 jobs will be permanently removed from Woolies’ support office and supply chain, while 1,000 people will be moved “directly into our businesses to improve accountability and help us better support our Continued »

HR and Finance Jobs Face Outsourcing

Over the past four months Optus and Telstra, two of Australia’s largest companies and employers, collectively cut more than five hundred Australian workers from their ranks and outsourced the positions overseas. Telstra’s move to outsource 300 customer service jobs to the Philippines was expected and the Telco giant justified the decision by explaining that ‘more Continued »

Greyhound Racing Banned in NSW: What Next?

Today across NSW from Wentworth Park to Dapto, Dubbo to Taree, greyhound callers are hanging up their microphones, trainers are booking one-way tickets to Victoria, and punters are thinking about dusting off their old bag of fruit at the back of the wardrobe and heading out to watch the ponies instead. Greyhound racing in NSW Continued »

Why Exercise is so Important to Your Job Search

There is nothing like a good exercise regime to help boost drive and clear the mind as you embark on your job search. Comedian and musician Tim Minchin pretty much summed up the benefits of keeping your body and brain in order through physical activity at his celebrated occasional address to graduates at the University of Continued »