All posts for: August 2016

Tips on resigning from a job you were referred for

RUNNING out the door to freedom is a tempting option when you realise your job is not for you. But things can get a bit more complicated if another employee in the company referred you in the first place. Many employees are using referrals as a job-search tool in Australia with 60 per... Read more

How Parenting Skills Translate into Job Skills

RE-ENTERING the workforce can seem daunting for stay-at-home parents who can worry about gaps in their resume. But now is the time to translate those skills learnt in the playground to the boardroom as you tackle the fierce jobs market. Hiring managers are reporting that stay-at-home mums... Read more

RBA Rate Cut: Winners and Losers by State and Territory

The RBA rate cut to 1.5% should equate to more money in the back pocket of Australian mortgage holders, yet an increasing number of borrowers are facing financial stress because of the weak labour market. Adzuna CEO Raife Watson said, “The rate cut should be great news if you have a... Read more

What would these celebrities be worth minus the fame?

Television programs The Block, The Biggest Loser, My Kitchen Rules and Bondi Vet have catapulted regular people in relatively humble professions to television stardom. We used our ‘ValueMyCV’ tool to determine what these celebrities would be worth in the current Australian jobs... Read more

Recruiting in the Mobile Age

Over the past two years Adzuna Australia has been partnering with organisations to deliver both active and passive candidates to their Talent Pools. Throughout these dealings, the one area that is most often underestimated is the importance of Mobile when attracting these candidates.... Read more