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Find a Job Helping Others

During your life, you can expect to spend around 90,000 hours at work. So if you’re the type of person who thrives on helping people, why not consider choosing a career where you can dedicate those hours to doing some good in the world? There are options in many fields, from social work to education and healthcare to law, where you can put your heart and your head to good use, making your corner of the world a better place.

While not all helping professions will score you a tonne of money, you’ll be rewarded with a high sense of meaning and the feeling of fulfilment that comes with making a difference. If you’re passionate about contributing to the well-being of others, check out these nine altruistic careers below.


  1. Social Worker – Average Salary $75,000

Every day, people in our communities are dealing with challenging situations, from domestic violence to drug addiction to chronic unemployment. As a social worker you would help these people improve their lives by connecting them with the tools and resources to help them make meaningful progress. You would act as a listener, coach, counsellor and project manager for your clients. Helping people to rebuild their lives in this way can be immensely rewarding.


  1. Clinical Psychologist – Average Salary $103,890

Are you fascinated by human behaviour? Do you often find people coming to you for advice, and do you enjoy giving it to them? If so, you should consider a career as a Clinical Psychologist. In this role you would be helping people suffering from a range of illnesses and disorders. This job requires empathy, strong communication skills and knowledge of a variety of treatment techniques, as well as an ability to target the central issue.


  1. Registered Nurse – Average Salary $72,490

Nurses are known for their warm personalities and caring nature, but they need to be pretty knowledgeable about medicine too. As a registered nurse, you would often be the one to administer medications, record information about treatments, and explain medical conditions to patients and their families. Nurses also have to deal with the challenging elements of healthcare, but seeing patients regain their health under your care is a very special reward.


  1. Physiotherapist – Average Salary $98,000

If you’re a caring people person interested in improving the physical health of your patients, physiotherapy could be the career for you. As a physiotherapist you would help patients overcome physical difficulties resulting from injury, illness or disability. You would devise and implement treatment programs including manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and electrotherapy.


5. Counsellor – Average Salary $78,000

As a counsellor, you would provide support to people experiencing emotional, social, interpersonal or economic difficulties by helping them to identify, discuss and work through what is challenging them. You could expect to help people develop strategies and reach their own resolutions through talking therapy. Unlike psychologists, counsellors do not usually need to complete a bachelor’s degree to practice, although they are likely to require a Certificate or Diploma in counselling.


  1. Charity Worker – Average Salary $58,000

If you have a passion for creating a more just, equitable society then a career in the charity sector could be for you. Many not-for-profit organisations have a charitable social mission and they need people from all backgrounds to help them succeed. It is a large sector with plenty of opportunities to provide service. Roles in this industry vary, you could find yourself working on marketing campaigns or fundraising events, or interacting one-on-one with some of the more disadvantaged people in our society.

7. Youth Worker – Average Salary $65,000

Youth workers help young people to develop the skills they need to make lasting, positive change in their lives. They are responsible for assessing the needs of young people and planning and delivering programs in areas like drugs, smoking, health and fitness, gangs, violence, bullying and relationships. Youth workers aim to support, mentor and coach individuals, encouraging greater social inclusion. They often work with high-risk youth, liaising with other organisations that also support young people including health, social care, education, police, local authorities and youth offending teams.


8. Teacher – Average Salary $89,000

Teachers have the unique and special responsibility of helping to develop and mould the lives of their students. Their daily routine might include planning lessons, attending classes, giving tests and marking assignments. In this profession, you can expect varying challenges every day of your teaching life. But all of that hard work pays off in a very rewarding way – the positive influence you have over your students can last a lifetime.


  1. Community Health Worker – Average Salary $65,000

Community health workers look after the health of members in the community who may not be cared for by traditional medical facilities. This could include migrant workers, refugees, and people living in low socio-economic suburbs or remote locations. They usually work with culturally diverse and underserved communities to ensure they receive sufficient medical attention. If you’re passionate about helping others, then you’ll find