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How to Change a Plug on an Extension Cord – #worksmarter

At Adzuna we harness the latest search technology to bring the most relevant, up-to-date jobs to the one place to make it easier for job seekers to find their next position. It is our mission to continually find new ways to #worksmarter, so you can land that dream job sooner.

Keeping in this spirit we partnered with Nick, electrician and owner of NESC Electrical, to bring you his #worksmarter tips to repair broken appliances at home.

Here are Nick’s tips on the right way to replace a broken plug on an extension cord.

Step 1. Remove the faulty plug

Step 2. Measure where to cut the cords sheathing

Step 3. Do not cut too deep to avoid the insulation

Step 4. Measure to where insulation needs to be stripped

Step 5. Strip and then twist copper

Step 6. Snip off excess copper

Step 7. 20 Repetitions per leg

Step 8. Thread through lock nut, then plastic cover

Step 9. Attach copper to the correct terminal screw

Step 10. Yellow to earth

Step 11. Blue to neutral

Step 12. Brown to active

Step 13. Loop cables over grooves

Step 14. Pull plastic sleeve over

Step 15. Secure lock nut