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How to Get a High Salary Without a Degree: Adzuna CEO Raife Watson on the Today Show

Retraction: The information in this video about Radiation Therapists not requiring a degree is incorrect. To become a Radiation Therapist you must complete a Bachelor’s Degree. We apologise for this misinformation.

Adzuna CEO Raife Watson had a chat to Karl & Lisa on the Today Show about jobs that can attract a high salary, yet don’t require a degree. Below is a transcript of the interview.

Karl Stefanovic: Welcome back to the show. Do you need a degree to get a high-paying job? The answer is no. A growing number of employers no longer require a university qualification, and Raife Watson is here with what you need to know. Good morning Raife.

Adzuna CEO Raife Watson: Why are employers changing their tune on this is, I think people realize that life skills can sometimes be much more important. Empathy with people and just general intelligence, I think they don’t need to go the university to get all that, and in fact I think universities are pumping out too many graduates for the jobs that are there.

Lisa Wilkinson: So what is the highest paying job?

Raife Watson: Air traffic controller. It’s a high-pressure job, minimal errors can be had, I guess, and they deserve every cent.

Karl Stefanovic: What sort of management jobs can lead to a big pay packet?

Raife Watson: Yeah, I mean if you look across all industries think operations,manager general managers, they are pretty, good but also think about what we need in Australia – more houses right?
To bring down the housing crisis – so construction managers are absolutely needed and then also, because Amazon has come into the country we all want to shop online, so I think transportation
and distribution.

Lisa Wilkinson: Okay are there any specific roles that have a good salary?

Raife Watson: Yes, look I’ve broadened out a bit more, first – line supervisors of police and detectives if you are a bit technical, if you’re a different type of technical person you can do elevator installer or repairer and for the Homer Simpson and all of us there’s the nuclear power reactor operator.

Karl Stefanovic: I always wanted to do that. What would you be your advice for people if they choose not to go to uni but still want to climb that corporate ladder?

Raife Watson: Yeah, I think passion and real interest has got a lot to do with it, so take a company you’re really interested in or industry and just try to get an entry-level job in there, and once you’re in you can start letting it be known that this is the type of job you want to do. Speak to the people that already have that type of job, right, be interested. I’m telling you that I know from my own experience that management are always looking for people in the organisation that can take that next step up. Always be talking to HR and be that person. People do get promoted from the proverbial mailroom, if you like, so make sure you’re a good networker always stay on, be alert and be the ray of sunshine in the office.