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Adzuna Job Report: May, 2017

To make finding a job easier, Adzuna brings all the jobs in Australia to the one place. This means we have the most up-to-date statistics and insights on the Australian jobs market.

Here are our findings for May, 2017…

The Adzuna Job Index this month shows 120,144 roles being advertised across Australia, 4.80% up on the number of vacancies available a year previously. This is due largely to a 4.6% increase in advertised part-time positions.

Salaries decline over past 12 months

Record consecutive quarters of flat wage growth is reflected in averaged advertised salaries, with a -0.72% decrease in earnings nationally over the past 12 months.

19/29 industry categories on saw a decline in advertised salaries. A strong year for the Trade & Construction industry, with an increase of almost 10% in advertised salaries, helped improve the overall picture.

Raife Watson, CEO of Adzuna Australia commented: 

“Victoria has a two-speed economy. Melbourne continues to perform strongly and our data shows almost 90% of Victoria’s total jobs are in the capital city. Average advertised salaries in Melbourne also increased almost 5% over the past year.”

“Regional Victoria is battling. 750 jobs were cut from the Hazelwood power station in March and another 160 could go if the Morwell Sawmill closes down.

The recent budget measures to lower the tax rate for regional small businesses and reskill retrenched manufacturing workers could be too little too late, as workers lose their jobs in droves,” Mr Watson said.

Employer Confidence

Queensland recorded the strongest growth in advertised vacancies at 11.76% for the year to date – QLD now has 18,063 advertised jobs. This is due largely to an increase in Trade & Construction jobs in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Advertised salaries fell overall Australia-wide (-0.72%) and reflect the consecutive quarters of record low wage growth. Australia’s largest economy, Sydney, recorded a 2.84% decline in advertised salaries.

Australian job sector breakdown

Trades & Construction continued to see significant gains in sector pay, as advertised salaries increase 9.48%, to hit $97,265.

Advertised salaries for PR & Advertising jobs fell 5.52% over the past 12 months to $76,506.

Worst States to Find a Job

Rank City Jobseekers
per vacancy
1 South Australia 12.83
2 Tasmania 11.74
3 Western Australia 11.02
4 QLD 9.01

Best States to Find a Job

Rank City Jobseekers
per vacancy
1 Canberra 2.09
2 Northern Territory 3.9
3 New South Wales 4.25
4 Victoria 7.01

National Wage Breakdown

Region Total Vacancies Average Salary Salary %
12 Month Change
Australia 120,144 $86,830 -0.72%
New South Wales 46,821 $88,677 -1.83%
Victoria 28,887 $84,023 4.38%
Queensland 18,063 $84,859 -6.89%
Western Australia 8,011 $85,473 6.08%
South Australia 4,394 $81,992 -0.99%
ACT 3,874 $92,663 -11.64%
Tasmania 1,269 $82,098 -32.56%
Sydney 37,197 $87,313 -2.84%
Melbourne 24,532 $83,406 4.35%

Job Sector Analysis

Biggest Improvers – Job Sector by Average Salary

Job sector Average salary Salary % Total vacancies
12 Month Change
Trade & Construction $97,265 9.48% 12,269
Customer Service $56,671 3.73% 1,709
Manufacturing $58,809 3.30% 1,678
HR $86,557 2.14% 1,611

Worst Performers – Job Sector by Average Salary

Job sector Average salary Salary % Total vacancies
12 Month Change
PR/Advertising $76,506 -5.52% 1,925
Engineering Jobs $104,453 -6.49% 3,817
Legal Jobs $86,829 -10.89% 2,180
IT Jobs $112,451 -5.74% 6,152

The Adzuna Job Report

Adzuna has the most complete index of AUS job vacancies covering all regions in Australia. The technology collects every job vacancy advertised online in Australia from thousands of companies. This data is then normalised, de-duplicated, mix-adjusted and outliers are removed in real time to give users an accurate, complete, up to the minute view of the job market.

Employment data is based on the latest Labour Market Statistics released in May 2017 by the ABS.