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Australia’s Most Unusual Work Perks

In a period characterised by negative wage growth, Australian employers are increasingly offering unique and unusual benefits to attract and retain top talent to their organisations, according to latest research from jobs website Adzuna.

The study analysed 120,000+ open roles featured on Adzuna in June, and highlights some of the more unusual perks currently being advertised.

Adzuna CEO Raife Watson commented: “In more profitable times, large companies offer trips abroad and huge cash bonuses to reward top performing employees.

“Smart employers are now finding innovative ways to reward hard-working, valued staff, by offering inexpensive perks that reflect company culture and employee values.

“The benefits of these work perks are a happier, healthier working experience. And happier, healthier workers make for a stronger business,” Mr. Watson said.

1. Beer on Tap

After a hard day’s work there is nothing better than a few cold ones at the pub. The only thing better than tap beer, is free tap beer, and don’t Aussie employers know it. Companies are installing bars in the office with beer and cider on tap to keep thirsty workers satisfied. Cheers!

2. Hangover days

However professional you pride yourself on being, there’s a possibility you’ve dragged yourself into the workplace with a massive hangover at some point in your working life. Or, you’ve overindulged and ended up drinking straight from the tap at the office bar. If you make a habit of it more than you’d care to admit or you’re getting bored of phoning in with your best sick voice why not find a workplace that offers Hangover Days?

3. Surf Breaks

Instead of twiddling your thumbs and wasting time on Facebook, why not spend your downtime at work catching a few waves during work hours? Beachside employers see the benefit in giving their staff time to duck out to catch a few sets when the waves are pumping, as they are more focused and ready to work when they get back to their desk.

4. Arcade Games

For many, relaxation doesn’t equal massages, hot oils, and yoga. It means half an hour evading jellyfish on your way to a Pacman highscore. Companies are wheeling in the old-school arcade games to provide an outlet for workers to escape the daily grind. The games also act as great team-building activities.

5. Pawternity Leave

Australia is a nation of dog lovers, so it’s only natural that some workplaces have started offering pawternity leave to help new pet parents settle in their pups.

Many companies also let staff bring their dog to the office as they find it can boost overall morale and improve working conditions.

6. Free Netflix

If you like to chill at the end of a hard day’s work what could be better than a free Netflix subscription?

If you prefer perking overtime to working overtime, why not try and combine it with a Hangover Day?

7. In-house Massages

In 2017 humans are a largely sedentary species and spend an unhealthy amount of time sitting at desks staring at screens. This is not exactly good for our backs or posture. In-house massage therapists are growing in popularity and offer much needed rest and relaxation for hard working Aussies.

8. Meditation Classes

Meditation classes for employees contribute to a happier, healthier working experience. And happier, healthier workers make for a stronger business. Meditating for twenty minutes a day can help improve focus and boost productivity.