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ValueMyCV: Aussie Jobseekers Fail the Spell Test

67% of Australian jobseekers limit their chances of landing work by making a spelling mistake in their resume’, according to new research.

Analysis of 40,000 CVs recently submitted to CV valuation tool ValueMyCV by jobs website Adzuna, found 67% contained at least one spelling error and 50% had four or more.

The poorest spellers can be found in Western Australia, with 70.08% of CVs containing at least one spelling mistake. Jobseekers in the A.C.T are the most proficient spellers with 63% of CVs having one or more errors.

Here is a list of the states and territories in order of worst to best:

Location % With at least 1 spelling mistake
Western Australia 70.08%
Queensland 70.00%
Northern Territory 69.85%
NSW 69.74%
South Australia 68.45%
Victoria 68.36%
A.C.T 63.03%


Adzuna Australia CEO Raife Watson says, “Do not let your first impression with a potential employer be a poorly formatted CV riddled with more spelling errors than a kindergartners homework.”

“When a jobseeker has ample time to correct mistakes before submitting their resume – yet still send it in with errors – then what kind of mistakes are they likely to make when they join the company in pressure situations when deadlines are strict?’ Mr Watson said.

Men fared slightly better than women when it comes to spelling, but only just, with 64% of males versus 66% of females making at least one error.

In order, the top ten words most often misspelled are:

  • Curriculum
  • Address
  • Prioritise
  • Liaise
  • Business
  • Management
  • Achievement
  • Committed
  • University
  • Labourer


The spellcheck is the latest addition to Adzuna’s ValueMyCV, which has been used by more than 85,000 Australians since launching in May, 2016. The tool is free to use and can also suggest improvements to optimise a CV, match people to relevant jobs based on skills and experience, and personalise an interactive ‘career pathway’.