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Labour Market Surges in June

To make finding a job easier, Adzuna brings all the jobs in Australia to the one place. This means we have the most up-to-date statistics and insights on the Australian jobs market.

Here are our findings for June, 2017…

The Adzuna Job Index this month shows 123,933 roles being advertised across Australia, 3% up on the number of vacancies in May.

This is due largely to an increase in advertised full-time positions in May/June.

Salaries improve over past 12 months

Every state, territory and capital city, with the exception of Brisbane & QLD, recorded increases YOY for average advertised salary. Salaries in Brisbane dropped 2.41% and 1.08% overall in QLD.

Sydney and Melbourne, Australia’s largest economies, both recorded monthly increases in average advertised salaries of 4.53 and 3.89% respectively. Western Australia’s economy is showing signs of resurgence with Perth recording a 5.41% increase in salaries compared to May.


Raife Watson, CEO of Adzuna Australia commented: 
“The labour market is showing signs of a resurgence after consecutive quarters of flat wage growth. There is plenty of good news coming out of Western Australia, a state that has struggled to transition from the mining boom, with job opportunities increasing almost ten percent over the past year, predominantly in mining and energy sectors on the back of strong commodity prices.

Most states and territories recorded positive jobs and salary growth in June, which indicates a strengthening labour market.“

Western Australia Improves 

WA recorded strong growth in advertised vacancies at 9.49% for the year to date – WA now has 8,179 advertised jobs. Average advertised salaries fall just below the national average at $83,802, with growth of 1.42% year on year. Perth recorded a 7.95% in advertised vacancies year on year.

Employer Confidence 

Advertised salaries increased overall Australia-wide (+1.62%) and reflects the increase in total full-time positions announced by the ABS in May. Total hours worked increased by 31.1 million hours, compared to a month earlier. See page 7 for full regional salary data.

Sector Analysis

Average advertised salaries for teaching jobs increased 11.38% to $71,887.

Advertised salaries for logistics and warehousing jobs fell 6.69% over the past 12 months to $58,018. Advertised vacancies for the sector also dropped 7.18% to 3,711 positions.


Worst States to Find a Job

Rank City Jobseekers
    per vacancy
1 South Australia 14.2
2 Tasmania 10.34
3 Western Australia 10.11
4 QLD 8.53



Best States to Find a Job

Rank City Jobseekers
    per vacancy
1 Canberra 2.25
2 Northern Territory 3.18
3 New South Wales 4
4 Victoria 6.74



National Wage Breakdown

Region Total Vacancies Average Salary Salary %
      12 Month Change
Australia 123,933 $87,715 1.62%
New South Wales 48,487 $91,638 3.26%
Victoria 29,953 $81,852 2.74%
Queensland 18,731 $88,572 -1.08%
Western Australia 8,179 $83,802 1.43%
South Australia 4,374 $85,651 15.45%
ACT 3,509 $94,654 -6.66%
Tasmania 1,489 $86,432 -14.43%
Sydney 38,202 $87,856 0.28%
Melbourne 25,161 $80,963 2.54%


Worst Performers – Job Sector By Average Salary

Job sector Average salary Salary % Total vacancies
    12 Month Change  
Property $74,072 -8.87% 2,253
Logistics-warehouse $58,018 -6.69% 3,711
Retail $52,611 -4.16% 4,160
Hospitality $56,594 -4.76% 5,619


Best Performers – Job Sector By Average Salary

Job sector Average salary Salary % Total vacancies
    12 Month Change  
Trade & Construction $98,350 12.36% 11,759
Teaching Jobs $71,887 11.38% 4,533
Energy-oil-gas $118,605 9.77% 1,413
Manufacturing $60,364 7.17% 1,893