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Demand for Healthcare Workers Soars 30% in 6 Months

To make finding a job easier, Adzuna brings all the jobs in Australia to the one place. This means we have the most up-to-date statistics and insights on the Australian jobs market.

Here are our findings for July , 2017…

Adzuna Job Vacancy Index

AUS Vacancies Monthly 12M
Vacancy Index (July17) 123,339 -0.48% 11.79%
Vacancy Index (June17) 123,933 3.15% -0.54%

Adzuna Average Salary Index

AUS Average Salary Monthly 12M
Vacancy Index (July17) $90,152 2.78% 2.87%
Salary Index (June17) $87,715 1.02% 1.62%

Job Vacancies

The Adzuna Job Index this month shows 123,339 roles being advertised across Australia, 11.79% up year-on-year.

Additionally, July saw competition for jobs drop to 5.89 jobseekers per vacancy, the lowest point in 2017.

Salaries improve over past 6 months

Salaries are continuing to show short-term improvements, climbing steadily over the past 6 months. Wages will need to continue climbing to stay ahead of inflation, currently at 1.9%, with average advertised salaries growing 2.87% year-on-year.


20% of the total jobs advertised on are in the healthcare sector, however healthcare only makes up 8.7% of total searches.

Furthermore, the number of healthcare job vacancies on has increased 30% over the past six months. This suggests staggering labour shortages for the sector.

Maintenance jobs fall, yet AI and automation will rely on servicing

According to Adzuna data, maintenance has been listed as one of the worst-performing sectors in terms of annual wage changes. With the rise of artificial intelligence and automation set to take over from manual labour and traditional ways of working in the future, maintenance jobs are just as crucial as ever. AI automation will rely on servicing.

Raife Watson, CEO of Adzuna Australia commented:

“The increase in salaries month-on-month, as well as over a six-month period, is a good sign wage growth could start outpacing inflation, instead of being closer to parity. Yes, advertised salaries are on the up, but growth is nowhere near the desired pace.”

“Prime Minister Turnbull warned borrowers of interest rate rises and made the case rates are more likely to go up than down. Australia is sitting at number three in the world when it comes to household debt to GDP. If interest rates rise and wage growth does not, mass mortgage defaults could become a reality.”

Where are all the jobs?

Despite Victoria recording higher job vacancies year-on-year, jobseekers in NSW have a better chance of landing a job, with competition per job vacancy sitting at 3.95, compared to 6.98 South of the border. A boon of construction and large-scale transport infrastructure projects puts NSW in good stead for the coming years.

South Australia continues to be the most competitive state to find a job, with close to 14 job seekers competing for each advertised position.


Healthcare vacancies on Adzuna have increased 30.16% over in the past six months from 13,037 to 16,969 vacancies.


Location Average salary % of healthcare jobs on Total vacancies
New South Wales $85,920 38.94% 7,251
Victoria $79,208 25.15% 4,683
Queensland $80,704 14.67% 2,732
Western Australia $79,236 7.35% 1,370
Job sector Average salary % of searches in healthcare category Total vacancies
Nursing $74,935 8.54% 8,772
Pharmacist $86,147 4.83% 625
Support Worker $63,705 2.41% 1,656
Psychologist $85,512 2.12% 883


The search term ‘nurse’ is the number 1 search term in the healthcare category on This is despite searches for nurses dropping 20.86% when comparing July 2016 to July 2017. The Sydney region has the highest number of vacancies for nurses nationwide, at 1,684.

Allied Health

Pharmacists are the most searched term on in the allied health sector, followed by psychologist, dentist and occupational therapist.

Adzuna CEO Raife Watson says:

“Searches on Adzuna for nurses have dropped 20% over the past year, yet job vacancies in the healthcare sector increased by 30% in just six months.

“The question must be asked, are we doing enough to incentivise Australians to work in healthcare? Because if the Australian workforce cannot cope with the burgeoning demand, we will have little choice but to employ workers from abroad, which I doubt will be a popular option in the current political climate.”

Worst States to Find a Job

Rank City Jobseekers
per vacancy
1 South Australia 13.82
2 Western Australia 10.3
3 Tasmania 10.13
4 QLD 9.03

Best States to Find a Job

Rank City Jobseekers
per vacancy
1 Canberra 2.75
2 Northern Territory 2.95
3 New South Wales 3.95
4 Victoria 6.58

National Wage Breakdown

Region Total Vacancies Average Salary Salary %
12 Month Change
Australia 123,339 $90,152 2.87%
New South Wales 48,594 $93,193 4.42%
Victoria 30,552 $84,815 3.82%
Queensland 17,922 $94,208 3.99%
Western Australia 7,858 $83,946 -0.61%
South Australia 4,437 $89,480 12.26%
ACT 3,669 $98,220 -4.29%
Tasmania 1,501 $97,721 -7.41%
Sydney 37,707 $91,201 3.46%
Melbourne 25,550 $84,178 3.75%

Best Performers – Job Sector by Average Salary

Job sector Average salary Salary % Total vacancies
12 Month Change
Trade & Construction $97,134 10.57% 11,860
Administration $63,608 4.43% 5,146
Energy-oil-gas $117,025 11.69% 1,613
HR $81,098 2.64% 2,269

Worst Performers – Job Sector by Average Salary

Job sector Average salary Salary % Total vacancies
12 Month Change
Property $72,664 -8.48% 2,457
Maintenance $56,866 -11.71% 1,077
Retail $52,063 -7.66% 3,973
Hospitality $56,594 -4.76% 5,166

About the Adzuna Job Report

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