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Jobs Market Improves, But New Graduates Outstrip Vacancies 22-1

To make finding a job easier, Adzuna brings all the jobs in Australia to the one place. This means we have the most up-to-date statistics and insights on the Australian jobs market.

Here are our findings for September 2017…

The number of advertised vacancies in Australia has increased 13.56% in the year to September 2017, with 138,582 job vacancies currently being advertised on Adzuna.

Additionally, September saw competition for jobs drop to 5.22 jobseekers per vacancy, the lowest point of 2017.

Unemployment flat, job vacancies soar

Total unemployment across each state and territory was flat, with the exception of South Australia which recorded a 4% improvement.

At the same time, job vacancies increased significantly in each state and territory. The result is competition for jobs is at the lowest point of 2017. This is fantastic news for the jobs market and should translate to wage increases.

Sydney VS Rest of NSW

Job seekers in Sydney are more than 2.5 times as likely to find a job when compared to the regional NSW. Outside of Sydney, 7.32 job seekers compete for a single role. In Sydney, the number is down to 2.85.

Sydney is now officially the best capital city to find a job in Australia.

Raife Watson, CEO of Adzuna Australia commented: 

“The jobs market is currently soaring in Australia, with competition for jobs at the lowest point for 2017. This is good news for new graduates looking to land their first job out of University.

Graduates need to be realistic, however, as the number of students finishing their studies outstrips graduate specific roles by 20 to 1 nationwide.
Many graduates will need to apply for non-graduate roles, in an industry outside their discipline, just to get their foot in the jobs market.

I encourage all graduates to take a look at the healthcare industry. We need to remember that the healthcare sector does not solely employ graduates with healthcare-related degrees. I have seen numerous job vacancies in HR, Accounting and Finance, and Legal, all in the healthcare sector.”

Number of New University Graduates Competing for Each Graduate Position

Department of Education & Training – 2016 Award Course Completions

Location Graduates (Bachelor Degrees) Number of Graduate Roles on Adzuna Competition for Grad Roles
Australia 130,105 5,783 22
Northern Territory 715 114 6
Tasmania 2,596 140 19
New South Wales 41,017 2,061 20
Victoria 33,433 1,521 22
A.C.T 3,649 160 23
Queensland 24,004 986 24
Western Australia 14,974 340 44
South Australia 9,717 209 46

22 graduates will compete for each graduate job vacancy Australia-wide.

Graduates in the Northern Territory will have the easiest time finding a graduate position, with 6 graduates competing for each role.

South Australia is the most challenging state for graduates to land a graduate position.

5,783 graduate jobs available in Australia.

Graduate job vacancies have increased 12% Since 2015.

Graduate salaries increased 3% since 2015 to $54,021.

50% of all graduate positions are in the Healthcare industry.

National Wage Breakdown

Region Total Vacancies Average Salary Salary %
      12 Month Change
Australia 138,582 $90,209 1.97%
New South Wales 52,981 $91,549 0.09%
Victoria 35,144 $86,263 4.70%
Queensland 21,701 $94,369 5.66%
Western Australia 9,205 $86,096 3.73%
ACT 5,116 $82,497 0.30%
South Australia 4,233 $102,259 -0.99%
Tasmania 1,696 $103,561 -7.52%

Biggest improvers – job sector by average salary

Job sector Average salary Salary % Total vacancies
    12 Month Change  
Healthcare $135,804 6.64% 21,873
Trade & Construction $96,931 8.20% 11,883
Logistics-Warehouse $64,427 4.08% 4,378
HR $83,447 5.93% 2,321

Worst performers – job sector by average salary

Job sector Average salary Salary % Total vacancies
    12 Month Change  
Sales Jobs $79,691 -8.03% 6,189
Consultancy $103,402 -7.54% 1,854
Hospitality $56,441 -5.37% 5,250
Teaching $69,496 -7.17% 5,922