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November Job Report: Apprentice Numbers Drop as Construction Jobs Soar

To make finding a job easier, Adzuna brings all the jobs in Australia to the one place. This means we have the most up-to-date statistics and insights on the Australian jobs market.

Here are our findings for November, 2017…

Adzuna Job Vacancy Index

AUS Vacancies Monthly 12M
Vacancy Index 126,297 -8.12% 11.45%
Vacancy Index 137,454 -0.81% 13.58%

Adzuna Average Salary Index

AUS Average Salary Monthly 12M
Vacancy Index (November17) $93,208 3.02 5.20%
Vacancy Index (October17) $90,474 0.29 2.74%

The Adzuna Job Index this month shows 126,297 roles being advertised across Australia, 11.45% up year-on-year.

Additionally, November saw competition for jobs increase to 5.68 jobseekers per vacancy, up from 5.21 in October.

Unemployment Drops

Unemployment hit its lowest point since January 2013, dropping to 5.4%.
Live job vacancies dropped more than 8% month-on-month, however, year-on-year increased more than 10%. The jobs market in 2017 is considerably stronger than 2016.

Competition for Jobs Drops in Queensland

The number of people competing for a single role in Queensland dropped to 6.86, down from a high of nearly 9 earlier in the year.

Healthcare and Hospitality are Queensland’s biggest hirers.

Raife Watson, CEO of Adzuna Australia commented: 

“Despite reports that the residential construction boom in Sydney is starting to wind-down, we continue to see growth year-on-year in advertised vacancies across a wide selection of job roles in Trades and Construction.
”The primary concern for the construction industry is the continued decline in apprenticeship commencement rates, which dropped 5.6% in 2017.

Our schools must encourage more students to choose Vocational Education and Training over University Studies.

I also think, as a society, we need to work together to remove the stigma associated with going to TAFE. 23 University graduates compete for each role, whereas, in some Australian states, two jobs are available for all qualified apprentices. I expect this number to increase in the coming years as apprenticeship numbers continue to decline.”

Wage Rises

NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory all recorded growth in average advertised salaries over the past year of 4.25, 6.26, 5.73 and 6.97% respectively.

Average advertised salaries increased 5.20% year on year, the largest increase YOY for 2017.

Construction Industry Focus

The Sydney Region offers 3,151 live jobs in Trades and

32% of total construction jobs nationwide are in Sydney.

Trade and Construction workers in Sydney earn more than
other locations at $113,256

Inner Sydney: Sydney’s CBD offers 685 construction jobs.

Western Sydney: Parramatta offers 216 construction jobs.

North Shore: North Sydney offers 69 construction jobs.

Southern Sydney: Sutherland Shire offers 78 construction jobs.

The most sought-after position in Sydney is for Project Managers. The average advertised salary for a PM in Sydney is $133,000.

Construction – Average Advertised Salaries

Location % of Vacancies Nationally Average Salary
Australia 100% $98,001
NSW 41% $101,602
Victoria 19% $102,135
Queensland 10% $85,833
Western Australia 8% $78,828
A.C.T 3% $93,887
South Australia 1% $68,314
Tasmania 1% $52,423

Jobs in Trades and Construction increased 9.99% YOY to 9,850.

Workers in Victoria can expect to earn the highest wage at $102,135

Apprenticeship commencements in construction trades workers decreased 5.6% YOY.

Location Number of New Qualified Apprentices (2017) Construction Jobs Jobs per Fully Qualified Apprentice
Australia 9,700 9,850 1
NSW 3,000 4,063 1.3
Victoria 2,700 2,294 0.84
Queensland 2,000 1,875 0.93
Western Australia 900 797 0.88
A.C.T 200 292 1.46
South Australia 600 331 1.8
Tasmania 200 80 0.4
Northern Territory 100 118 1.18

For every apprentice who completes their apprenticeship in 2017 there is 1 job available. This in stark contrast to University graduates, where 22 grads compete for every position.

South Australia is the toughest place to find a job overall, but the best state for tradies looking for a work, with 2 jobs available for every recently qualified apprentice.

Victoria is the second most challenging state to find a job after Tasmania, with 2,294 jobs available for 2,700 tradies.