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2017 Jobs Bonanza Breathes Life into Economy

To make finding a job easier, Adzuna brings all the jobs in Australia to the one place. This means we have the most up-to-date statistics and insights on the Australian jobs market.

Here are our findings for 2017…

Adzuna Job Vacancy Index

AUS Vacancies Monthly 12M
Vacancy Index 116,100 -8.07% 14.44%
Vacancy Index 126,297 -8.12% 11.45%

Adzuna Average Salary Index

AUS Average Salary Monthly 12M
Vacancy Index (December) $92,345 -0.93% 5.40%
Vacancy Index (November17) $93,208 3.02% 5.20%


The Adzuna Job Index this month shows 116,100 roles being advertised across Australia, 14.44% up year-on-year.

383,300 jobs were added to the Australian jobs market in 2017. 304,600 of those were full-time roles and 78,700 were part-time.

Unemployment remained at the lowest point of 2017 at 5.4%

The A.C.T was consistently the best place to find work in 2017, with an average of 2.5 job seekers competing for each live role.

Sydney Shines Brightest in 2017

Sydney out-paced every state and territory, with the exception of NSW, when it came to job vacancies in 2017.

At the pinnacle, 42,345 jobs were available in Sydney in September.

CEO of Adzuna Australia Raife Watson commented

“2017 can only be described as a jobs bonanza. We saw huge increases in job vacancies in healthcare, particularly nursing and allied health as a result of a number of new hospitals being built.

The Trades and Construction industry, although slowed down by the cooling residential housing market, was re-energized by burgeoning infrastructure projects on Australia’s East coast and continued to be a stalwart of the Australian economy.
2018 will see these industries continue to soar, while sectors such as retail and customer service will decline as technology replaces the need for human interaction and online behemoths such as Amazon enter the market.

The deluge of full-time jobs in recent months also helped discard that pesky word – underemployment. With Australians working more hours the outlook is undoubtedly positive for 2018. Those elusive pay-rises are finally on the horizon.”

Wage Rises

Despite Australians suffering through record low wage growth at 1.9%, average advertised salaries generally increased year-on-year.

Average advertised salaries are 14.44% higher in December, 2017, compared to December 2016.

At its peak, New South Wales offered 52,981 jobs in a single month.

On average, Sydney offered more jobs than the other states and territories, with the exception of

September recorded the highest number of job advertisements nationally at 138,582

Queensland continues to perform strongly toward the end of the year, bolstered by jobs in hospitality
and tourism.

The A.C.T was consistently the best state to find work, with between 2-3
jobseekers competing for each advertised role year-round.

South Australia was consistently the most challenging state to find work, with between 11-13
jobseekers competing for each advertised role year-round.

Healthcare was the biggest hirer of 2017 with an average of 18,215 live jobs available each month. In October, live job vacancies peaked at 22,508.

At the height of the housing boom in April, Trades and Construction jobs peaked at 12,864 live jobs.

Accounting and Finance job vacancies improved throughout the year, with the highest percentage of vacancies advertised in Sydney.

Job Vacancies 2017

Advertised Salaries 2017

Worst States to Find a Job

Rank City Jobseekers
    per vacancy
1 South Australia 11.25
2 Western Australia 10.88
3 Tasmania 9.85
4 QLD 7.43

Best States to Find a Job

Rank City Jobseekers
    per vacancy
1 Canberra 2.55
2 New South Wales 4.5
3 Northern Territory 5.19
4 Victoria 6.63

Biggest Improvers – Job Sector by Average Salary

Job sector Average salary Salary % Total vacancies
    12 Month Change  
Logistics-Warehouse $62,652 10.45% 3,362
Accounting & Finance $90,639 2.90% 7,479
Healthcare $142,458 15.50% 17,443
IT $123,996 6.74% 6,602

Worst performers – job sector by average salary

Job sector Average salary Salary % Total vacancies
    12 Month Change  
HR Jobs $84,194 -5.04% 1,960
Legal $78,048 -6.91% 2,626
Retail Jobs $54,051 -2.77% 3,542
Hospitality $59,039 -4.09% 6,088