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Best Jobs for Teenagers

Teenage years are exciting for all sorts of reasons. We’re sticking with purely appropriate ones for this post – in particular – reaching the age of responsibility and financial independence. Sure, it sounds kinda boring, but what’s not boring is regular pay you get to spend however you want. Wanna buy clothes you actually like? Take that guy or girl to a movie? How about save for a car? See, plenty of reasons to take a job as a teenager. Plus, you get to start building your skills and expertise now, to set you up for the future.

The best jobs for teens are a good mix of being easy-to-get, the kind of thing that will develop your skills, and not deathly boring. Whatever your interests, there should be something here for you.

Animal Shelter

If you love animals, working at an animal shelter could be a great part-time job while you are in school. Shelters hire employees to spend time with the animals and clean out their cages. If you want to become a veterinarian, this job would provide you with valuable hands-on experience. Sure, you may need to do some unpleasant things, like assisting in the euthanasia of sick animals. It can be a sad, dirty, and sometimes challenging job, but for most people, the rewards far outweigh any uncomfortable moments. If animal welfare is something you are truly interested in, this could be the ideal part-time job for you.


Babysitting is a great job for teenagers because the hours are flexible and most families in your surrounding suburbs will need a babysitter at some point. Most people have either hourly or per day rates and they pay in cash. You can arrange to work mainly Friday and Saturday evenings, leaving the week open for school and homework. First-aid-certified babysitters are always in high demand. Word of mouth referrals, references, and recommendations are the best way to get new babysitting jobs. Bear in mind that managing small children can be a challenge, but babysitters set their own hours and pay, making this a great part-time job for students who like kids.

Car Wash

In Australia’s warm climate, you are almost guaranteed to stay busy at a car wash. There’s nothing worse than being bored at work, so that’s a key perk. However, some possible downsides include getting soaking wet, ruining your clothes, and working for minimum wage. On the plus side, you might make tips and you get to be outside when you are working, which is usually a bonus.

Lawn mowing

If you like to get a good workout, this might be the job for you. A good way to get started is to knock on doors in the local area and ask people if they need help. This lets you get outside and enjoy the sunshine, while also getting paid to work. If you can line up five customers, one for each day of the week, you should be making some pretty good cash. Doing lawn care can be hot, hard work sometimes, but making your schedule, choosing your clients, being outdoors, and setting your own rates all sound pretty good.


Lifeguard / Swimming Instructor

If you’re a strong swimmer then both of these options could be good for you. These jobs are usually quite easy to obtain since almost all public pools need lifeguards and host swimming lessons. However, you must have training in CPR and first aid to meet the hiring criteria. You might have to save someone’s life one day, so it is important that you know how to do it!



Retail companies are always hiring, especially in the summer. They’re generally easy jobs, and good if you enjoy working with customers. Stores often hire students looking for after-school employment. Retail jobs offer a range of perks, including discounts, flexible schedules, working alongside other students, and (hopefully), a fun, fast-paced work environment. The downsides include earning minimum wage, working on weekends, and dealing with unhappy customers. Expect to learn about responsibility, money management, and how to effectively deal with customers.


Parents are often willing to pay good money to have their kids tutored, so take advantage of your expertise to help their kids succeed. Whether it’s helping with English, science or maths, it’s a popular industry. Private tutors can expect to earn at least as much as babysitters, and can set their own schedule with their clients. You have to really enjoy helping others learn, in order to enjoy it though!


There are plenty of different jobs at supermarkets; working tills, stocking shelves, or being in charge of an area like fresh produce. Some perks include short shifts, (hopefully) discounts, and roster flexibility. The main supermarkets are always looking for new staff and it can actually be a good place to launch a career. Plenty of supermarket managers started off this way.

Fast Food

Many teens can find starter positions in fast food restaurants based on the minimum age to work in each state (usually between 14 and 15). They will usually hire people who don’t have any experience. To enjoy this position, you have to love working in a team at a fast pace. Most fast food restaurants expect the servers to be very quick and work well under pressure. Expect the odd unhappy customer, too.

Pizza Delivery

If you have a car and a good driving record, you can get a job delivering pizzas. Delivery drivers don’t get paid very much, but they do receive tips. Work typically entails driving back and forth to the pizza place, picking up pizzas and delivering them to customers. It gives you a sense of autonomy and you can listen to your own music while driving. It may not be glamorous, but with the right attitude you can have a good time at work, while making semi-decent money. You’ll probably get free pizza, too.


Ok, so, the customers can be a pain, shifts can run late into the night, but restaurant employees also have a lot of fun at work. There’s usually fun banter with fellow employees, the tips can be good, and employees typically receive discounted or free meals during their shifts. This job teaches patience, customer service, money management, food handling, food preparation, and multi-tasking skills that can pay off after high school. It also typically offers roster flexibility.

If you show a little initiative – and demonstrate the willingness to work conscientiously at jobs that are initially low-paying, you can start to establish your reputation as a competent and dedicated employee while earning some extra cash. The experience, as well as the references you can collect from employers who are happy with your performance, will help to ensure that future employers will be interested in you as an attractive job candidate. All in all, having a part-time job can be a solid learning experience.