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February Jobs Report: Double digit jobs growth in Western Sydney

To make finding a job easier, Adzuna brings all the jobs in Australia to the one place. This means we have the most up-to-date statistics and insights on the Australian jobs market.

Here are our findings for February…

Adzuna Job Vacancy Index

AUS Vacancies Monthly 12M
Vacancy Index 113,944 0.54% 1.41%

Adzuna Average Salary Index

AUS Average Salary Monthly 12M
Vacancy Index (February) $91,233 -0.28% 5.64%

The Adzuna Job Index this month shows 113,944 roles being advertised across Australia, 1.41% up year-on-year.

Higher competition for jobs

6.32 job seekers are competing for each live vacancy Australia-wide. Year on year jobs per vacancy show a slight improvement for job seekers.

The A.C.T remains the best place in Australia to find a job.

SA reclaims top-spot as most challenging state to find a job

10.97 job seekers compete for each position in Western Australia, compared to South Australia at 12.97

The A.C.T and NSW are the best places to look for work, with 2.92 and 4.83 job seekers competing for each role respectively.

Raife Watson, CEO of Adzuna Australia commented: 

It comes as no surprise that trades & construction jobs are booming in Parramatta, with residential and commercial real estate projects springing up everywhere you look.

The most pleasing aspect of the jobs growth over the past year, however, is the increase in high-value knowledge industry jobs in finance and IT.

In the past, jobs in finance were almost reserved exclusively for the CBD. The deployment of Government departments to Parramatta has resulted in finance jobs increasing 45% year-on-year.

Wage Rises

Despite Australians suffering through record low wage growth at 1.9%, average advertised salaries increased year-on-year across every state and territory.

Average advertised salaries are 5.64% higher in January 2018, compared to January 2017.

Parramatta leads the charge for jobs growth in Western Sydney

Job vacancies in Western Sydney increased 20.71% YOY.

Job vacancy growth was achieved in every major suburb of Western Sydney, with the exception of Bankstown, where job vacancies dropped 9.85%.

Jobs in hospitality and retail declined 47% and 9% respectively in the Western Sydney region.

Year-on-year, job vacancies in Parramatta soared 80%. Trade & Construction job vacancies increased in the area more than 150% from 2017-2018.

Public sector jobs jumped more than 200% in Parramatta YOY (89 in 2017 to 276 in 2018.)

Monthly Job and Salary Trends

Worst states to find a job

Rank City Jobseekers
per vacancy
1 South Australia 12.97
2 Western Australia 10.97
3 Tasmania 10.26
4 QLD 8.27

Best states to find a job

Rank City Jobseekers
per vacancy
1 Canberra 2.92
2 New South Wales 4.63
3 Northern Territory 6.03
4 Victoria 7.24

Regional and Industry Overview

Region Total Vacancies Average Salary Salary %
12 Month Change
Australia 113,944 $91,233 5.64%
New South Wales 43,314 $94,743 6.89%
Victoria 27,174 $85,681 2.44%
Queensland 19,100 $90,677 7.89%
Western Australia 7,795 $84,089 -0.68%
ACT 3,318 $94,933 0.80%
South Australia 4,063 $91,818 18.45%
Tasmania 1,443 $82,293 0.52%
Northern Territory 1,095 $124,208 31.40%

Biggest improvers – job sector by average salary

Job sector Average salary Salary % Total vacancies
12 Month Change
Scientific & QA Jobs $144,646 13.01% 235
IT $123,101 7.36% 6,732
Logistics-Warehouse $64,898 10.28% 3,463
PR-Advertising $85,593 6.04% 2,322

Worst performers – job sector by average salary

Job sector Average salary Salary % Total vacancies
12 Month Change
HR Jobs $77,042 -11.93% 1,895
Energy-Oil-Gas $105,154 -3.58% 1,344
Consultancy $111,299 -2.25% 1,939
Hospitality & Catering $59,161 -0.63% 5,298