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Best jobs for introverts

In today’s society, being introverted isn’t a negative, or weird in any way, it’s probably a natural reaction to the modern-day, always-on-the-go, chaotic environment most of us live in. And that’s without even touching on the impacts of social media. If you’re an introvert, all power to you. How good is time to yourself amidst all the craziness?

You usually have a lot to contribute and make good listeners when people take the time to get to know you. You typically have strong ideas, but need time alone with your own thoughts. You’re creative and get your strength from within. Some external situations drain the life and energy right out of you.

Australia is a great place for extroverts with its socialisation, barbecues and beach life. You’re more likely to enjoy watching the world go by while drinking a coffee in a cafe, spending time in museums, art galleries or with animals.

Being an introvert can make it difficult working in an office situation and jobs where you need to interact with people most of the time. Does this sound like you? Are you an introvert? Are you stuck in a job that doesn’t really suit your personality? Here are some that are likely to be a better fit.


Content and copywriter

Do you love to write? Writing is a solitary pursuit even when you employed by a big company. You spend long, solitary hours creating written work without interacting with other people. Writers have deadlines and spend hours researching and writing content.

These days, in Australia, writers are self-employed or freelancers working from a home office. The benefit is you can work with people from all around the world. Try where there are thousands of freelance writing jobs available. But, if freelancing is not for you, there are many traditional writing jobs available. Jobs like a journalist or copywriting for an advertising agency. LinkedIn is a great platform for finding traditional writing jobs.


Graphic designer

When you are a talented artist a great job is being a graphic designer. You will spend hours alone while creating your digital artwork using your computer and a design program. It is almost impossible to create great work without time alone to work to a client’s brief. Sure, you may work in a small design team and talk with clients, but most of the time you work alone to create great work. There are a lot of design jobs on if you want to work for yourself. Or, LinkedIn is a great place for more traditional jobs.


An archivist organises, catalogues and manages records. This can include:

  •       art work in art galleries
  •       historical pieces in museums
  •       books in libraries
  •       student and teacher records in universities
  •       patient records in hospitals
  •       records for historical sites.

In these types of jobs, you will almost never have to talk or work with other people. You will be alone with your records to get on with the job.


Australian tradies often work alone so if you are good at using your hands become a tradie. Plumbers, electricians, mechanics, carpenters, builders and all sorts of other trades rarely work with other people. Sure, you may have to speak with clients but after that you work alone to complete the job. You will need to complete an apprenticeship to start with or go to trade school. Once you have the right qualifications, you can work on your own.

Book editor

When you have a love of reading and are good at English, get work as a book editor. Editors and rarely need to interact with people. You may need an English degree or start out as an editorial assistant to work your way up into the position of a book editor.

You will spend your days working with authors one-on-one reviewing their work. Complete structural reviews of written work and write reports to help them improve. In Australia, you can work with publishing houses or work for yourself as a freelance editor.

Dog walker and pet sitter

Being a dog walker or pet sitter is ideal for an introvert who loves animals. You will rarely interact with other people but spend your days working with animals. Australians spend around $12.2 billion on their beloved pets a year.

While you may not make a great living from doing this, it can bring in extra income. Or, you can start your own business or work through one of the many websites. When Aussies take holidays or spend too long at work, they turn to dog walkers and pet sitters as an alternative to help them out.


Accountants spend a lot of time working on complex financial accounts. Though you will have to spend time interacting with people at times, most of the time you work alone with a computer.

You need a degree to qualify to work with people’s finances and train to complete tax returns. But, most of the time, you work one-on-one with people. You can work in traditional roles in big companies as an auditor or keeping the books in order, but apart from meetings you will rarely need to interact with others.

Social media and digital marketer

Although the title of this job may sound you have to be an extrovert to enjoy being a social media and digital marketer, it is not true. This type of job is interacting with people online and not usually face-to-face. Digital marketers are in huge demand in this new age of doing business on the internet. The demand for digital marketing skills is huge. Almost 56% of Australian companies are hiring people with these skills. So, if you have content creation, social, and search engine optimisation skills, these are in demand. You can work in traditional roles for big companies or become self-employed and work with people across the world.

These are just a few of the areas you can work in if you are an introvert and there are plenty of others. You definitely don’t have to work with a lot of people if this does not work for you. Good luck job hunting!