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Salaries surge again in time for new financial year pay negotiations

Average advertised salaries in Australia have increased 8% year-on-year to reach a high of $94,180,

Salaries increased across most industries, with many achieving double-digit growth:


NSW and the A.C.T recorded increases of 10% and 13% respectively.


Adzuna CEO Raife Watson says, “RBA Chief Philip Lowe has been campaigning for a minimum 3.5% pay rise for Australian workers to stay ahead of inflation.

“Then, a recent report by Hays revealed under two-thirds of employers plan to give employees pay-rises above the minimum 2%.

“This tells me that the onus is on the worker to demand a pay increase in 2018. Our salary figures suggest that there is plenty of slack across most industries in Australia to justify giving workers hefty pay-rises.

“I implore all workers to do their homework. If you have worked in a job for a few years now, you might have the blinkers on about where salaries are currently at in your industry. There is a chance you are grossly underpaid. Jump online, speak to colleagues, do your research, then call that meeting and ask for more money.

“Workers are in a unique position. We have experienced exceptional jobs growth in Australia over the past year. If you’re being underpaid and the company you are working for won’t come to the table in pay negotiations, it might be time to start looking for a new job,” Mr Watson said.

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Raife Watson, CEO at Adzuna Australia.