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Highest paying jobs in the property sector

The property sector is such an all-encompassing field that there are all sorts of jobs available paying all sorts of salaries, from selling property to developing it. For the highest paying jobs in that great big field, you should narrow your search to these roles.


Real estate agent: It’s the commission where a real estate agent can make a good proportion of their money, so an average salary of $75, 000 might not give a true indication of their earning potential. A successful real estate agent knows how to market properties, even if those properties are less than pristine. (A seasoned real estate agent would say “potential-packed rather than “less than pristine). That agent is also determined, not afraid to work seven days and a negotiator of some tact, as they have to keep both buyer and seller happy.


Property manager: Property managers at residential and commercial level not only have to look after current tenants but must also be able to attract new tenants when vacancies arise. Negotiating new leases and lease renewals are a big part of their daily job, and like real estate agents, they have two sides to keep happy…easier said than done! A good property manager will also have a sound knowledge of building regulations relating to each specific property and legal issues relating to the lease, as well as a good grasp of market trends and conditions. Being a property manager is a complex position but the average salary of $82, 000 sweetens the deal considerably.



Property development: Buying land, putting a building on it, and getting someone to live or work in that building: a pretty fair description of a property developer, right? It’s a short description but there are several other steps a property developer had to go through including putting real estate deals in place and working with builders and other tradespeople to turn land into developed land. Working as a property developer within a company offers a good degree of security and a nice average salary of 107,000 and potentially much, much more of you go out on your own.


Marketing manager: Residential or commercial developments need people living and working in them to make a healthy profit. Someone has to draw these developments to the attention of the marketplace and arouse enough interest and create enough desire to turn potential buyers and tenants into actual buyers and tenants. In a very crowded field, these properties need to stand out which is why a good marketing manager is worth their weight in gold. You need creativity and innovation to sell the dream, along with the ability to plan a strategic campaign and read the market so you can make tactical adjustments to your marketing if required. If you can do that, you’ll be well rewarded with an average salary of $115, 000.


Property valuer: Go to just about any dinner party these days, and the talk will invariably talk to property values. People love talking about property values as much as they love talking about the weather. House prices, building prices, land prices…we’re obsessed with them. This is good news if you want to become a property valuer because it seems everyone will be interested in your opinion. Valuers estimate the market value of property and land for their clients, either for potential selling or buying purposes, or for taxation or insurance reasons. Construction or surveying is a great background for this role because unlike some of the opinions you hear at dinner parties, there needs to be sound knowledge behind valuations. These skills will net you a very respectable $120, 000.


Builder: One of the more lucrative jobs in the property sector, and for good reason. A builder is incredibly important in the whole scheme of things and not just because they build stuff. They’re important because the quality of their work can be the difference between a low price for low quality and a high price for high quality. A good builder will also be able to stick to the schedule, another critical requirement, particularly in large-scale property development. Yes, builders do more than build buildings. They can also build profits for others through their workmanship and time management. But builders can profit nicely themselves, with an average salary of $115, 000.