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September 2018 Jobs Report

To make finding a job easier, Adzuna brings all the jobs in Australia to the one place. This means we have the most up-to-date statistics and insights on the Australian jobs market.

Here are our findings for September:


Adzuna Job Vacancy Index

AUS Vacancies Monthly 12M
Vacancy Index 123,508 -2.31% -3%

Adzuna Average Salary Index

AUS Average Salary Monthly 12M
Vacancy Index (September) $92,928 1.52% 3%

Key Points

Job advertisements in Western Australia increased by 15% year-on-year. This coincides with a spike in jobs in the energy sector.

Year-on-year, wages increased in New South Wales, the A.C.T and Western Australia 5%, 5% and 4% respectively.

In August, 6.11 job seekers competed for each live job vacancy, down from 6.53 this time last year.

Job vacancies in logistics increased 12% year-on-year. Truck drivers are in highest demand.

Six-month change in jobseekers per vacancy

Worst states to find a job

Best states to find a job

National Wage Breakdown

Adzuna CEO Raife Watson says:

“The lack of job security in the mining sector has lead to distrust from Australians.”

“Instead of snapping up higher paying jobs out West, workers are choosing to capitalize on the NSW’s burgeoning infrastructure projects, where they can build experience and skills with greater versatility,” Mr. Watson said.

Worst Performers: Job sector by average salary

Best Performers: Job sector by average salary