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How to deliver training before an employees first day

New staff members are generally nervous before their first day of work. Hundreds of questions and thoughts flood their mind in the days leading up to their first day in the new job.

  • Will I be welcomed with open arms by the rest of the team?
  • I wonder if there are any good coffee places nearby?
  • I hope the systems they use are easy to follow.

Employers have an opportunity to ensure their new worker feels both welcome to the company and hits the ground running.

Here are our tips on how to train an employee before their first day in the job.

Share your company mission statement

The most successful businesses have a company mission statement, so employees understand the common goal they are working towards. Share your company mission statement with a new employee before the first day so they can arrive with a clear focus on what is expected of them. The mission statement will also give the employee a rare insight into the culture of the business.

Housekeeping (The basics)

Send your new employee an email with basic information including:

  • The name of the first aid officer in the office.
  • The location of fire escapes and safety equipment, including fire extinguishers and first aid kit.
  • The location of the stationery cupboard.
  • The WiFi password.
  • The name of the printer.
  • The rundown of the kitchen. Do you have a microwave, fridge, toaster, coffee machine?

Sending a checklist with the basics will ensure the new employee will hit the ground running and make the most of their first week in the job. It will also save your current employees the mundane task of showing them every aspect of the business.

Share logins to the tools your employees use

One of the most intimidating aspects of starting a new job is having to learn new systems and tools.

For example, if you are hiring a new salesperson and your company uses Salesforce to streamline and improve the sales process, it would be prudent to create a new account and share the information with the new employee before their first day. Further to this, direct the employee to online training manuals on how to use the program. There are countless YouTube videos available that provide easy-to-follow walkthroughs on how to use these systems and tools.

Share team-mate profiles

Ask each member of staff to write a short blurb about themselves and how they will be working with the new employee.

For example:

My name is Ben Phillips. My interests include foreign films, Vietnamese food and reading crime thrillers. I am the Chief Content Producer at Adzuna. We will be working closely together. A key project we will be working on involves…….. Please come and say hi when you start next week. I will take you for a coffee.

Including a photo of each team member will also be helpful. If the new member of staff understands what each person in the organisation does, it will help them immensely and will ensure they work efficiently to solve problems, instead of going around in circles.

Assign a mentor

Before your new member of staffs first day, set them up with a mentor. Ask this mentor to send an email to the employee introducing themselves. The mentor should be the first point of contact for the new employee for the first few weeks.