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1 in 3 jobs are in risk of automation by 2030

1 in 3 jobs are at risk of automation in Australia by 2030. As with the improvements in technology, more and more manually repetitive tasks are being replaced by robots and automation.

Jobs at Risk

  • Butcher
  • Labourer
  • Machine Operator
  • Driver
  • Cashier

These examples are more prevalent when companies like Tesla, Uber and even Dominos are testing driverless solutions for pizza delivery in the US.

So what about the new jobs? Some of these future jobs are already here today in some shape or form.

Most of these jobs all share common characteristics such as helping people get better at things. For example, managing their finances, managing their health, improving people’s health and wellness and helping people connect with the man and the machine.

Jobs of the Future

  • Cyber Attack Agent -This role will require an excellent track record of cyber hacking, “grey-hat focused” software development, or distributed denial of service (DoS) attack experience.
  • Ethical Sourcing Officer -An ethical sourcing officer would lead an ethics team and ensure that the allocation of corporate incomes aligns with the standards set by customers and employees. This person would also investigate, track, negotiate, and forge agreements around the automated provisioning of goods and services, to ensure ethical agreement with stakeholders
  • Fitness Commitment Counsellor: This individual would remotely provide one-on-one regular coaching and counseling sessions to improve wellness for participants, and track their progress via wearables.
  • Financial Wellness Coach –A financial wellness coach could offer banking customers coaching to understand digital banking options and improve their financial health.
  • Man-Machine Team Manager –As a man-machine teaming manager, you will identify tasks, processes, systems, and experiences that can be upgraded by newly available technologies and imagine new approaches, skills, interactions, and constructs.

So how does a job seeker future-proof their job? Job seekers should look at improving their people to people skills will not be able to be replaced by robots or automation, the ability to make an interpersonal relationship and process information as humans and make ethical decisions.

3 tips to future proof your job

  • Connect with real people – Encourage young adults and kids to put down the tablet, put down the PlayStation controller, and chat with their friends and family. This is essential to building interpersonal skills, which cannot be replaced by a robot.
  • Embrace new technology – Twenty years ago it didn’t matter if you couldn’t use email. In 2018, you cannot survive without it. Read widely about new inventions and systems being used. Numerous free online courses and materials exist for technology-related disciplines such as coding.
  • Problem-solving abilities  – It is impossible to have concrete experience for jobs that have not yet been created. Organisations will employ people with excellent problem-solving ability. You will be expected to learn new skills quickly and not get flustered when problems arise, which are inevitable with new technology.