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Top 20 Searched Jobs of 2018

As the year is coming to a close we have decided to look at some job search trends in the year with Adzuna. We found that 2018 has been a stellar year for the Australian jobs market.

Unemployment is at historic lows (5.3), wage growth has finally picked up following a grueling period of stagnation, and competition for jobs is currently sitting at around 5.29 people vying for each live position, down from 6.5 earlier in the year.

 CEO of jobs website, Raife Watson, says:

“With wage growth finally starting to catch up to advertised salaries and unemployment at historic lows, the outlook for 2019 is extremely positive.

“The record low unemployment figures are down to a myriad of factors, but there is one that cannot be overlooked – The Australian public answered the call, jumped online, and applied for the tens of thousands of available jobs.”


Here’s a list of the top 20 jobs in 2018 and the top 20 employers in 2018.

  1.  Aged Care
  1. Nurse
  • Average Salary: $82,431
  • Top employer: NSW Health
  1. Truck Driver
  1. Childcare
  1. Mechanical Engineer
  • Average Salary: $109,073
  • Top Employer: Wood Group
  1. Social Worker
  1. Electrician
  1. Civil Engineer
  • Average Salary: $111,188
  • Top Employer: Diona
  1. Chef
  1. Accountant
  • Average Salary: $93,098
  • Top Employer: Deloitte
  1.  Pharmacist
  1. Mining
  • Average Salary: $110,652
  • Top Employer: Komatsu
  1. Government
  1. Welder
  1. Counsellor
  1. Carpenter
  • Average Salary: $92,127
  • Top Employer: Serco
  1. Mental Health
  • Average Salary: $94,564
  • Top Employer: NSW Health
  1. Electrical Engineer
  1. Plumber
  1. Marketing
  • Average Salary: $92,414
  • Top Employer: Woolworths

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