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Are you getting paid enough? How much do people actually make?

Have you ever felt being underpaid? You can now find out how much you should be earning before going to an interview or a performance review. Make a point to assess and plan for your career growth in 2019. We have all probably wondered how much of a difference we should be paid and how much we are actually paid.

So how do you know if you are being underpaid or if you are already on the money with what you should be earning? To find out if your salary is below, at, or exceeding the average, take into account the skills and experience you bring to your role.

The fastest way to discover what you should be paid is through Adzuna’s handy ValueMyCV tool – it actually pulls data and let you know how much you’re really worth. You should definitely use this tool to prepare for your performance review so you have an idea of what the market is paying for your role at the moment.

ValueMyCV is the most accurate and up-to-date way of putting a price tag on your current CV and could be the best starting point for negotiating a raise if you really are being undervalued in your role.

There are other ways to find out how much you’re paid like

  • Looking at individual job ads in the market
  • Talking to friends or colleagues and checking salary data on a much wider scale

If you want to get an idea of how much your skills and experience are really worth, follow these simple steps to find out how much you should be earning.

How to find out how much you should be earning

  • Check Out ValueMyCV – It’s important to have a good idea where you’re starting from.  Upload your CV into Adzuna’s ValueMyCV tool and it will calculate how much your skills and experience are worth to an employer.  You can use this as the baseline when you’re looking into what you might earn in a different role or company.
  • Check Adzuna’s Salary Pages – The next step is to compare your current salary with the industry average.  You can do this by searching for the job title you’re interested in and looking up the Australian average on our Salary Stats pages.  Obviously, some companies and jobs in some regions will pay better than others, but it’s always worth knowing where the middle ground lies.
  • Ask Around – Nobody likes talking money.  You’re not likely to march up to someone else in a similar role and demand to know their salary, but a little gentle digging can go a long way.  Ask around tactfully and you’ll probably be able to gauge the pay bracket that other people doing similar work fall into, you can then see how you compare.
  • Read the Job Ads – Ask yourself to see if you are being asked to do too much in your current role for the amount they’re paying you? Check out the amount that other companies are advertising for people in similar roles when they advertise through Adzuna.  If your bosses are expecting too much of you and paying you too little, it might be time to look at making a career move.

It’s hard to know exactly how much you should be earning, but the closest you’ll get to know for sure is with the ValueMyCV tool from Adzuna.  Picking up on the keywords you use to describe your skills and experience, ValueMyCV can calculate how much your CV is worth to an employer and flag up any areas where there’s room for improvement.

Here is a short video on how it works

Once you know where you sit in comparison to the national average and how much you should be paid, you can start to negotiate for more at your current job or feel confident about negotiating your starting salary after finding your next job through

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