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Here are 7 ways you can earn extra money on the weekend in Australia

Are you looking for ideas to make more money on the side? There are many reasons why someone would consider in taking up a weekend job while working full time. It can be about making more money on the weekends with their free time, trying to get ahead in terms of their finances or simply a change in their lifestyle.

With the advances in technology and the work available in the market it is now possible to work in some jobs remotely and at your time.

Here are some top 7 ways to make extra money on the weekend

  1. Part-time drivers in Sydney – Work in your own time and be your own timekeeper when you are working as a part-time driver. You can immediately see the perks of choosing your own hours, especially on the weekend.
  2. Work from home opportunities – This may not look like a real job however it can certainly create a lifestyle that you are after. Get the flexibility on working on the weekend or the hours of your choosing.
  3. Retail or hospitality jobs – The weekend is usually the peak time of the week where retail shops are always looking for staff to help on a casual basis. This is an opportunity to earn penalty rates plus the flexibility of working during the weekend.
  4. Language teacher – According to the Australian Census, one in five Australians (21%) actually speak a language other than English, and this is definitely a skill that is easily transferable. It is now possible to earn money with your native language
  5. Virtual assistant – Being a virtual assistant can help you supplement your income by helping businesses with their day to day tasks. It can range between customer service, managing emails, appointment setting, anything that can be done with a computer and an internet connection.
  6. Social Media Manager – Similar to how a virtual assistant, a social media manager can work remotely managing the profiles of the clients. If you are amazing with Instagram and know the latest tips on Facebook advertising, this is something you can consider doing as a side hustle.
  7. Data entry jobs – The job requires a high level of accuracy and constant typing and due to the nature of the job it is often available out of office hours hence possible to make it to the list of weekend jobs to help make more money.

Now that you have some ideas on what to look for your next weekend job, why not start your search – the site that aims to bring all the available jobs in the market for you the job seeker. This will help you save time rather than going to individual jobs website.

What to do after you have secured an interview?

Before you go to an interview, it is strongly recommended that you know your worth in the market especially when you are looking start a new career this new year, be sure to read about our recent blog on getting to know how much do people actually make and how you would go about finding out.

Photo by Melissa Walker Horn on Unsplash