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Signs to know when to quit your job

For many people, the thought of quitting their job can be terrifying. It’s the confrontation with the boss that people fear most. The dreaded one-on-one meeting where you slide the resignation letter across the table and say, “I am resigning.” And there is always that nagging feeling that you made the wrong decision. That the new company you are heading to might not contain greener pastures.

There are clear signs to know when to quit your job. Great, big, red flashing lights, you definitely should not ignore. We put together a list of key indicators, to know when to pull the pin.


You’re not being fairly compensated

This might sound like a no-brainer, but the problem is, many people don’t actually know if they are being paid fairly, or anywhere close to market rates.

There are a number of ways to find out this information:

  • Give ValueMyCV a go – Adzuna’s ValueMyCV compares your CV with a database of more than 50,000 recent Australian CVs, complete with current salaries. It uses artificial intelligence to scan the details of your resume’, identifying your key skills, experience, and education. Within ten seconds, ValueMyCV will provide an estimate of your current worth in the marketplace. Genius!
  • This might be a stretch, but chat with your colleagues. If you have a good relationship, they might be willing to share their salaries.

After doing your research, if you are not being fairly compensated for your work, schedule a meeting with your boss to ask for a pay rise. If they don’t want to play ball, it’s time to start looking for another job


You aren’t being heard

It doesn’t matter if you are the cleaner, or the CEO, if you speak up with an idea to improve the business and no-one takes any notice, it’s a clear sign you may want to start looking for another job.  

Of course, there is the right time and place to voice your ideas. It is also important to voice your ideas or concerns to the right people in the business.  

Finally, if you speak up about anything concerning occupational health and safety and you are ignored, it is definitely time to quit your job. Never place a job above your safety.


The company is going downnnnnnnnnnnnnn

This might seem a bit ruthless, but if the company you are working for is tanking, it might be a good time to start considering your options. Everyone has bills to pay. If the business is hemorrhaging money, there is always the chance your next paycheck won’t arrive. It is important that employees put themselves first. Rest assured, the business always puts itself first.  


You’re surrounded by negative behaviour

I have personally left a business because of this very point. From day one, senior people in the business acted aggressively – slamming down phones, swearing, and talking to both clients and fellow employees incredibly rudely. It made for a toxic and very unenjoyable work environment. I raised this point with the boss, who, to his credit, spoke to the colleagues causing the problem. Their behaviour improved for a week or two, then descended to the aforementioned inexcusable work conduct.

A negative work environment can impact your overall wellbeing. It contributes to stress. If you’re surrounded by negative behaviour at work, it is time to find a new job.

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