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Advertised Salaries Continue to Grow: April Jobs Report

To make finding a job easier, Adzuna brings all the jobs in Australia to the one place. This means we have the

most up-to-date statistics and insights on the Australian jobs market.

Here are our findings for April…

Adzuna Job Vacancy Index


Adzuna Average Salary Index

Key Points

  • Victoria recorded the largest increase in job vacancies, up 14% year-on-year to 33,630 live vacancies.
  • Job advertisements have increased 6% nationally year-on-year to reach 130,829 in April 2019.
  • Average advertised salaries increased 3% nationally year-on-year to $94,474.
  • Job vacancies in the healthcare industry increased by 19%.

Monthly Job and Salary Trends



The six-month change in jobseekers per vacancy

Worst states to find a job

Best states to find a job


National wage breakdown


Top Performer: Healthcare


  • Jobs in the healthcare sector increased by 19% year-on-year, with 2548 new jobs added to the employment market.


  • The average advertised salary for jobs in healthcare is $111,153.


  • The highest paying job in the healthcare sector on is a role for a General Practitioner on the New South Wales Central Coast, which attracts a yearly salary of $350k.