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High paying jobs without Uni

Do you really need a degree to get a high paying job? The answer is no. 

There are many companies like IBM, Apple Ernst & Young, PWC, Ogilvy Group, and Google who got rid of all degree requirements, explaining that a candidate’s degree had no correlation to their future job performance. The idea is to hire people based on merit, rather than credentials, often by assessing candidates with psychometric testing or other performance-based tests such as IQ or coding tests which are relevant for that industry.  These are all that is generally known as white-collar jobs and certainly, most people would think you would need a degree to apply.  Jobs in these companies certainly can lead to successful careers and high pay.

There are of course other industries and job titles where it’s more hands-on or practical skills that count like in trades & construction.

What is the highest paying job in the market today

You do not have to attend University to get ahead – if you’re not suited to this academic route there are alternatives such as trades and other vocational courses… and you won’t end up with a huge debt at the end of it! Jobseekers without these degrees or diploma should be prepared to work hard and cultivate their soft skills and look for work experience in industries that they are interested in.

There are jobs listed below from that will lead to lucrative jobs without a degree

Average Salaries for jobs not requiring a specific degree

  • Cybersecurity/Ethical Hacker – $130,188
  • Construction manager – $131,925
  • Transportation manager – $100,831
  • Miner – $116,000
  • Military Police – $101,103
  • Sales Consultant – $88,430
  • Firefighter – $68,816
  • Real Estate Agent – $66,033
  • Plumber – $78,761
  • Electrician – $96,503
  • Tiler – $71,100

Knowing a 6 figure salary for jobs without a degree is all well and good but what about the future? Are there any specific industries we need to watch out for?

We have seen many videos from the advanced market like the US where deliveries can be done by drones or even an automated pizza delivery by Dominos. Just like social media managers today which would not have existed 20 years ago. There are many jobs out there which may or may not have been created yet.

  • Cryptocurrency – crypto bankers, regulators, wealth managers, miners
  • AI – teacher bot engineers, even now interview bot can be automated
  • Drone command crews – traffic flow optimiser, drone command centre operators, aerial security
  • IoT – home automation specialists, now with internet-enabled health monitors
  • Robot related – support staff – programmers, operation tech, maintenance
  • Data Junkies – data analytics, data ethicists, data brokers
  • Personal health – nurses, anti-aging practitioners, aging assistants
  • Driverless ground crews – repairs, circulation engineer
  • 3D printing fabricators – Organ/body part creator, 3d printed food

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