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Are you considering a career in Defence?

Taking a gap year or a career change? Why not consider a career in Defence Jobs

After the rigour and cramming of Year 12, few school-leavers are ready to don fatigues, get up at 5am reveille every day, and see the world while they’re doing it. However, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) is looking at recent high school graduates to take on a year in one of our Defence branches – the Army, Air Force, Navy, or Army Reserve – which can prepare high school graduates in more ways than simply having a tax-free income.

If you’re looking for a career change, signing up for the Defence Force can help you get equipped and trained for whatever challenge lies ahead. Best of all, you’ll get paid to learn plus all the other benefits of the Defence Force work/life balance.

Joining the Army Reserve is even more flexible, as typical reservists are required to serve between 35 and 70 days per year. Reservists also receive vocational training, free accommodation and food allowances on deployment, free medical and dental care, and tax-free pay. You can also join the Reserves alongside your current job, as many reserve field exercises are run on weekends (apart from basic induction and training.)

Skills and experience few young people can get anywhere else

Joining the military for a gap year does entitle you to a tax-free income, much of which goes into your pocket as most of your living, medical, dental, and travel expenses are taken care of.

There are few opportunities in civilian life that can afford you on-the-job paid training with a real skill one can use in the real world, should you decide to re-enter civilian life at the end of the 12-month commitment.

Whether you become a commissioned or non-commissioned officer, Defence teaches leadership, discipline, teamwork, and self-motivation; they’re all central tenets that future employers not only look for, but clamour for.

An accelerated growth program – an example

Those looking to change careers can be rewarded by working within Defence. A recent job calling for an Administration Assistant within the Air Force (known as an Administration Clerk) offers, after training is completed, a base salary of $65,659 p.a.

Your job will be to support different areas of the Air Force such as Personnel Management, Personnel Operations, Operations Resource Management, Command Communication and Air and Ground Operations.

After completing basic training and Administration Assistant training at RAAF Base Wagga Wagga, you could be posted at any of Australia’s major air bases or defence establishments to consolidate your training.

It’s not just an office job pushing paper around either – there are instances of living in the field during military exercises.

When not on watch or on duty, you are free to relax, socialise, or use on-base exercise facilities. In some instances, you may be required to travel to foreign countries.

Types of jobs on offer

There is a misconception that Defence is made up of troops and little else. In fact, there are many opportunities in technical and electronic fields; administration; warehousing and factory assistance; officer training in leadership and management; drivers; combat engineering (sappers); recruitment; civil engineering; trades; security; cabin crew; aviation technical services; and more. There are 26 specific roles to choose from across the three branches.

According to Adzuna, there are 1760 Defence jobs on offer as of October 2019, with an average salary of $102,406 – which can be a lucrative future career if you decide to stay on.

The Defence Force is also bumping up its diversity of recruitment, by offering opportunities specifically for women – we have 22 such jobs with an average salary of $72,345.

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