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Does a Christmas casual job help you earn a higher salary in the long term?

Ho ho how’s one surefire way to make extra cash over the Christmas and New Year period? By finding a Christmas casual position at a retail store. Christmas casual positions are always in high demand and high supply; and according to new data from employment recruitment site Adzuna, August is the best time to apply.

However, short-term cash isn’t the endgame. Adzuna’s ongoing big data research project ValueMyCV also shows that gaining work experience over the holiday period may improve your prospects for earning more in the long-term.

Experience now could mean more cash later

For students, being a Christmas casual means getting work experience outside of university or TAFE. It also gives them a glimpse into the inner workings of a larger business that could lead to full-time work.

“Some Christmas casual positions can lead to a part-time or full-time contract,” says Adzuna Australia CEO Raife Watson.

This isn’t common, but the best talent will be rewarded with permanent roles. At the very least, being a Christmas casual helps you to understand the culture of a business, seeing how it operates, and giving you an opportunity to work as a team player. This means your CV is worth more in the long-term. Even if you’re stacking shelves or wrapping presents, it shows prospective future employers you’re willing to work hard and improve your skills while everyone else takes a break. Our data shows that soft skills and work experience can skew higher-paying jobs in your favour.

According to Adzuna’s ValueMyCV service, soft skills such as front-facing communication, customer service, and leadership can be as valuable as university degrees. Having work experience is a huge bonus to job seekers post-graduation.

ValueMyCV is Adzuna’s ongoing big data research project that aims to determine the worth of a CV based on education, skills, and work experience. The model is built upon over 100,000 anonymised Australian CVs that are analysed by a special neural network AI.

Looking for Christmas casual job? Start today

Christmas casual jobs are sought after by many; working overtime and irregular hours during public holidays means higher wage loading for employees.

Christmas casual positions aren’t just limited to stacking shelves and dealing with irate customers. In fact, some of Australia’s biggest and most innovative employers need casual data scientists, delivery drivers, and even recruitment assistants. Other Christmas casual jobs can be found in warehousing, hospitality, and the tourism sector.

Australia Post is another major Christmas casual employer, having put on over 3,000 Christmas casual staff delivering 37 million parcels across Australia in 2018. Best of all, no experience is necessary.

Adzuna’s job database lists over 900+ different Christmas casual positions, with many integrated brands such as Country Road Group (David Jones, Witchery, Politix, Trenery, Mimco) and Just Group (Smiggle, DOTTI, Peter Alexander, Jay Jays) offering retail assistant positions in stores all across the country.

The range of positions also pay extremely well, with an average of $47,040 p.a. (pro-rated) among the growing listings.

If you’re looking to secure a Christmas casual position, don’t make a list and check it twice. Start applying now, as most positions are filled by the end of October or start of November.