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High Volume Hiring Made Easy

The last Federal Election in Australia was in May, 2019. The Australian Electoral Commission noted about 80,000 temporary workers were hired for the election. This is an example of high volume hiring. Hiring 80,000 temporary workers is a gargantuan task and begs the question, where does a company even start when hiring en mass? 

This is Adzuna’s guide for high volume hiring made easy:

The importance of a quality database

A good chunk of the 80,000 temporary workers hired to work on the polling booths for the federal election most likely worked during the previous federal election. This would be an employers first port of call when tasked with high volume hiring. The importance of a high quality, easy-to-search database is paramount when hiring for a large volume of candidates. A simple mail-out to workers who don’t need any training to complete the task is a massive plus, but have a think about what else you could ask the previous employees in the mail-out. 

Could previous hires be used to approach new hires? 

Incentivizing Current Database 

This concept might work better for a commercial business rather than the federal government when hiring for high volumes of workers. It’s doubtful the Aussie Government would offer previous poll-booth attendants a 10% pay-rise for referring a new worker. 

But let’s take the annual Easter Show in Sydney as a hypothetical example. Each year the Royal Easter Show hires thousands of temporary workers from showbag salespeople to food and beverage staff. A very simple tactic could be employed to get the most of the current database:

Thank you: We want to thank you for the fantastic job you did for us at the 2018 Easter Show and hope you work with us again 2019. 

Refer a friend: We are on the lookout for even more great workers for the 2019 Easter Show. If you refer a friend and we hire them, we will give a week free pass to visit the show. 

This is all well and good, but what if you don’t have a database to fish from? 

Simplify the job application process – Menulog

Menulog is hiring thousands of drivers across Australia and they’re being very clever by creating an efficient, speedy application process. A key benefit is that the application process is mobile friendly. 

Let’s take a look at how easy Menulog make it to apply to be a driver.

  • In one click the candidate is taken to the sign up page.
  • From here the candidate is asked to click a delivery zone.
  • Next, the candidate chooses a a vehicle type.

Simplify the induction process – Menulog

Menulog’s induction process is intuitive, simple, and all of the necessary documents can be uploaded within minutes. The entire application process can be completed in twenty minutes or less.

Use recruiting metrics to optimise the process

This is the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to high volume hiring.

Track source of hire: Data finds the most common source of hire are job boards and aggregators. Get granular by assessing which job boards and aggregators lead to more hires and invest more money into them while dropping underperforming sources.

Download Adzuna’s Recruitment Handbook to find out more about using recruiting metrics, or watch Adzuna’s webinar on how to track recruitment spend.