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Common mistakes job seekers make in their resume, CV and cover letter |

Whether you are currently job searching or a passive job seeker, there are things you need to be aware of to increase your chances of securing a job. Learn about the common mistakes job seekers make in the resume or cv so that you don’t miss the chance to secure an interview.

Watch the 4 min video from Matthew Tutty, a Career strategist who is here to share some tips for job seekers out there on how to get their dream job.

Common mistakes candidates make with the resume or CV

  • Not tailoring the resume towards an advertised role, Focusing on Job Functions over Results
  • Leaving in typos or grammatical errors, not formating the resume correctly
  • Attempting the “one–size–fits–all” approach with resumes and cover letters, the key is to tailor the resume towards each role.

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Facts on what you need to know about cover letters

What about Cover letters I hear you say? It can be time-consuming to customise for every single company and job you are going for, but is it really worth tailoring them to the job that candidates are applying for?

“Most definitely” says Matthew Tutty

  • Don’t focus too much on yourself
  • Tailor back to the employer’s needs instead
  • Match skills and experience with the skills and experiences of the job
  • Addressing the cover letter to the right person

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