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Teacher Appreciation Week 2021

When is Teacher Appreciation Week? Teacher Appreciation Week 2021 is celebrated in the first full week of the month of May. It will take place on May 3-8, 2021. We can all agree that teachers have one of the most important roles that will impact a children’s growth but can sometimes be under appreciated. Let’s make some time this week to give teachers the appreciation they deserve.

How to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

Make time and tell your teachers know that they are appreciated for all that they do. As a parent or a student, here are some simple ideas that you can do to show a teacher that you care:

  • Hold a special event in your classroom or combine together and give a teacher a surprise
  • Make a handmade gift
  • Take the time to learn more about what teachers do
  • Make a thank you card
  • Spread awareness for Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers not only provide education to the subjects that they teach but also support and make parents see who their children are and who they can be.

What do Teachers do?

Teachers have to:

  • Plan lessons
  • Prepare teaching materials
  • Create bulletin boards
  • Keep classrooms tidy
  • Mark books
  • Assess children’s work
  • Manage behaviour
  • Meet with parents and guardians
  • Organise field trips
  • Go to staff meetings and training
  • Some might even extend out of the classroom with YouTube channels such as World famous Eddie Woo

Teaching jobs across Australia

According to the report conducted by the Faculty of Education at Monash University. There are six key findings which impacts the teaching profession in Australia.

  1. Just over half of teachers are satisfied with their job (56%), a third of teachers (34%) expressed dissatisfaction with their role as a teacher
  2. Although the public feels that teachers are respected and trusted, this is not consistently transferring to teachers feeling appreciated for the work that they do
  3. Teacher workload is an area of serious concern for teachers, and is also recognised as an issue by members of the public. Workload concerns are influencing teachers’ intention to leave the profession, and form part of the reason people would not recommend teaching as a career
  4. Teachers are concerned about health, safety, and wellbeing, and these concerns have implications for the length of time respondents saw themselves remaining in the profession
  5. Teaching can be a challenging profession. Teachers’ insights into the challenges they face can inform policy and practice
  6. Attention to workload and wellbeing factors that are concerning both teachers and the public may have the greatest impact on teacher retention, as well as attracting future teachers to the profession.

The study by Monash University has shown the commonalities between teachers and the public in relation to perceptions of the teaching profession in Australia. The public can definitely start by showing their appreciation more towards their teachers and not just during teachers appreciation week.

Where are the teaching jobs across Australia

At the time of writing there are 11,737 teaching jobs across Australia with an average salary of $97,311. Most of these jobs are located on the east cost of Australia with the top 3 state being New South Wales (36.32%), Victoria (28.18%), Queensland (18.68%).

The number of available jobs span across a whole range of categories such as early childhood teacher with more than 1000 jobs, Maths, Dance, Music, Language teachers such as Japanese Teachers, Italian and Mandarin Teachers with 203 mandarin teacher jobs available across Australia.

To the world you are just a teacher, but to the children you are their hero. To all the teachers or anyone who questions what teachers make, here is a poem by Taylor Mali an american educator.

Kinetic Typography – Taylor Mali – What Teachers Make from Denny Purnama on Vimeo.