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8 Reasons this is an excellent CV

This isn’t another fluffy article about how to write the perfect resume’. Out of more than 100,000 CVs uploaded by users of Adzuna’s ValueMyCV, we uncovered just 1 that achieved a perfect score of 100%. To achieve this feat, the CV was awarded the highest possible scores for 8 key criteria. Here are the 8 Continued »

This resume’ scored 100%. Does yours?

After years of searching we finally found a CV that scored 100% on Adzuna’s ValueMyCV, and, therefore, will get past applicant tracking systems. Why is this important? If you are applying for a job at a large company, or have sent your resume’ to a recruiter to help you find work, chances are it passed Continued »

How I learned to live with risk

Some people live their life as if they’re in the stands of a stadium. They watch the action on the field – commenting and passing judgment on it. The stands are safe. They’re comfortable. From that position, you get to critique every stuff up on the field. But the problem is, nothing exciting happens in Continued »

How to define your target market

As tempting as it is to declare that your product is all things to all people (or even, a lot of people), it significantly decreases your ability to market successfully. The most important step in the entire marketing process is the first – developing a detailed picture of type of person who has the exact Continued »

How to value and price your services in business

Valuing and pricing your services is one of the most difficult yet important aspects of running your business – I know, fantastic, right? There’s no denying it’s both an art and a science. Get your pricing strategy for your services wrong and you will create a problem you may never fix. Get it right and Continued »

Best Jobs for Teenagers

Teenage years are exciting for all sorts of reasons. We’re sticking with purely appropriate ones for this post – in particular – reaching the age of responsibility and financial independence. Sure, it sounds kinda boring, but what’s not boring is regular pay you get to spend however you want. Wanna buy clothes you actually like? Continued »

Best Jobs for the Future

Welcome to a time of change. We happen to live in an era of ridiculous exponential growth when it comes to technology. That means not only has technology changed a crazy amount in the last few decades, the rate at which it is advancing is also increasing, fast. It’s an exciting time to be alive. Continued »

How to make a resume’ stand-out

Guess how long the average recruiter takes to look at a resume? 9 SECONDS. We put in soooo much effort at they look at it for 9 seconds? Geez! This means that they are always looking for a reason to put a resume in the “no” pile. However, let’s remember this is an average. It’s Continued »

How to write a cover letter that gets noticed

You know what the key to an interview is? A good cover letter. Don’t get me wrong, you’re not getting an interview if your resume is an epic fail, but the cover letter is where you get to launch your charm offensive. Yes – it is worth putting in time to do this right – Continued »