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April Jobs Report: Average salaries increase nationwide

Average salaries in Australia are starting to show signs of sustained growth (6.25% YoY), despite a period of record flat wage growth. The growth of average salaries in New South Wales – the powerhouse of the Australian economy – continues to show positive momentum, according to data from jobs website The 6.88% improvement in Continued »

Tactics to recruit passive candidates

A key point regularly raised by our partners is the vital importance of connecting with passive candidates before they start their job seeking cycle. Only 36% of candidates are actively searching for a new job, meaning that to focus solely on this segment is to ignore most of the workforce. In better news, 90% of them Continued »

How to improve the mobile job application experience

A quick glance at Google Analytics reveals that more than 60% of total web traffic to jobs search engine comes from mobile devices. The traffic peaks during the lunchtime hours from 12:00 – 1:00 pm. So, here lies the problem. How do you create a mobile job application process that is so simple, so Continued »

Automation report: Regional Australia to be hit hardest

Research by jobs website Adzuna reveals 1 in 3 jobs are at risk of automation Australia-wide by 2030. The report uses data from the government study Future workforce trends in NSW: Emerging technologies and their potential impact, and recent job vacancy and salary data from Key points from the report include:   Jobs in Continued »

Adzuna Webinar: AI, automation, and talent sourcing

    Adzuna Australia and New Zealand CEO Raife Watson chats to Simon Townsend, technologist and Principal Consultant from Twelve2, about AI, automation, and what it all means for talent sourcing. Raife Watson:                       Thanks for joining our session today. So, I’m Raife Watson, the CEO of Adzuna Australia and New Zealand. And for those of Continued »

How to deal with being overlooked for a promotion

So this happened? That really sucks. Especially if you thought you had it in the bag. Even more so if you’ve been working extra hours and putting in all that extra effort. Unfortunately this happens all the time. It’s one of those really annoying yet unavoidable parts of modern working life. Who knows why you Continued »

How to network to find a new job

At at least 60% – some report even higher statistics – of all jobs are attained on the “hidden job market”. So what exactly is the “hidden job market?” It’s all those positions that get filled before they make it to recruiters or job search sites. How do they get filled? Mainly by pre-existing connections. Continued »

How to stand up to your boss

Ok so this probably rates somewhere pretty high on the “things you never want to do” list, but the fact is that sometimes the appropriate course of action is going to be standing up to your boss. “What about the security of my position?”, I hear you ask. “What about office politics?” “What about all Continued »

How to write a cover letter for a registered nurse position

If you’re reading this then I’m guessing you’re the conscientious type. Which is reeeaallly good considering how important your job is! We all know nurses are some of the most dedicated, committed and *underpaid* workers in Australia. Thanks for taking on one of those jobs that you know is going to get stressful as hell Continued »

Jobs in 2018 that pay $100,000

You know what, $100,000 ain’t what it used to be. Remember how a million dollars used to sound like a fortune? Now it’s barely enough to buy a decent-sized house in any major city in Australia. Having said that, earning over $100,000 is still a great goal to have. It puts you above the national Continued »