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September 2018 Jobs Report

To make finding a job easier, Adzuna brings all the jobs in Australia to the one place. This means we have the most up-to-date statistics and insights on the Australian jobs market. Here are our findings for September:   Adzuna Job Vacancy Index AUS Vacancies Monthly 12M       Change Vacancy Index 123,508 -2.31% Continued »

Highest paying jobs in tourism

The world is an easier place to explore than ever before. Competition between airlines in an increasingly deregulated aviation market means cheaper fares. Hurrah for competition. And deregulation! Meanwhile, flight and accommodation packages make it a breeze to organise a holiday in seconds. Here are three cheers for packages! As a result, tourism is booming, Continued »

Highest paying jobs in the property sector

The property sector is such an all-encompassing field that there are all sorts of jobs available paying all sorts of salaries, from selling property to developing it. For the highest paying jobs in that great big field, you should narrow your search to these roles.   Real estate agent: It’s the commission where a real Continued »

Highest paying jobs in hospitality

If you’re the hospitable type, and by all accounts you are, then a job in hospitality would be your cup of tea….or pint of craft beer, or whatever tipple you prefer. There’ll always be a demand for friendly, attentive and smart people to work in this industry, and quite a career to be carved out…or Continued »

Highest paying jobs in agriculture

The country life offers a GOOD life when you look at the salaries on offer; an average of $96, 686. That’s enough to make a townie want to swap their Vespa for a tractor. Well, maybe not. But anyone looking for work in the agricultural field (yes, pun intended) can expect to be nicely rewarded, Continued »

Highest paying jobs in the mines

Mining, Energy and Resources are traditionally high-paying sectors, and the news gets even better with a new jobs boom on the way. A job at the mines is still a good way to unearth a small fortune, thanks to an average salary of $100, 000 across all roles, including these nuggets.   Underground mining operations Continued »

Highest paying jobs in sales

As long as people need to buy things there’ll be a need for people to sell things. Yes, you’re right, that is quite possibly the most obvious opening sentence of all time. But it also clearly reflects the fact that sales jobs offer better than average prospects and, potentially, some rich rewards. The average salary Continued »

Highest paying jobs for graduates

After all those years of studying, swatting and dodgy cooking, graduating from university is a rewarding experience. No more lectures. No more late-night study sessions for tomorrow’s exam. No. More. Mince. For some, graduation is a richly rewarding experience if their degree takes them into one of the more lucrative professions. While the average graduate Continued »

Highest paid jobs in engineering

Engineering is a complex blend of science, technology, mathematics, innovation, design, construction and operation that affects every area of our daily lives. Engineering is one of the highest earning careers, with an average salary of more than $110, 000; a decent reward but a deserved one. Engineers are important people, and what they do is Continued »

Jobs in coding and what they pay

Coding allows us to send satellites into space, build life-saving medical diagnostic equipment, post duck-face selfies on Facebook, and do everything else in between. As you can imagine, coding makes the world go round in a technological sense which is why it’s a career choice that offers plenty of opportunities, solid job security and a Continued »