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Highest Earning Names in Australia

A new study has identified the names that could affect your future earning potential. According to research by jobs website Adzuna, ‘Steve’s’ and ‘Catherine’s’ earn the most, while ‘Nathan’s’ and ‘Amy’s’ earn the least. The study was conducted in September 2017 by analysing over 50,000 CVs of recent job seekers who used Adzuna’s ValueMyCV tool, to reveal the Continued »

Hiring That First Employee in Your SME

There comes a time in many entrepreneur’s life when going it alone is no longer feasible. If this is you, congratulations! You’ve got enough business for two, so you must be doing something right. Want help with the admin work you’re drowning in? Need someone to balance the books? Want a marketing whiz or someone Continued »

How to Manage Employee Leave in a SME

When it comes to employee leave, there are multiple things to consider. Firstly, you need to meet your obligations under the Fair Work Act. Secondly, you want employee leave to cause minimal negative impact to the business. Lastly, you want your employees to have a good experience when it comes to leave. Let’s take a Continued »

How to Keep Employees in Your SME

The success of any small or medium enterprise is largely dependant on having great employees. In today’s highly mobile job market, workers expect more than just a pay packet at the end of the week. Even happy workers will often be tempted by the benefits of working somewhere else. Losing a good employee hurts more Continued »

How Any SME Owner Can Use Social Media to Boost Sales

The great thing about social media marketing is that anyone can do it, even if you have limited resources. According to the LinkedIn and Oracle guide “Getting started with social selling,” it is 75% cheaper to generate leads through social media than any other channel.   Another benefit is that social media allows you to Continued »

How Much Should I Pay Employees in my SME?

If you have reached the point in your business where it is time to bring on staff to help expand, congratulations. This is an integral step to ensure you can continue working on top-line business activities with the goal of business growth. The new staff member you put on might be an office assistant to Continued »

The Time to Ask for a Payrise? Right Now!

To make finding a job easier, Adzuna brings all the jobs in Australia to the one place. This means we have the most up-to-date statistics and insights on the Australian jobs market. Here are our findings for August, 2017… The number of advertised vacancies in Australia has increased 3.22% in the year to August 2017, Continued »

New Employee Checklist for SMEs

As you’ve probably discovered, the Fair Work Act requires a fair amount from employers when it comes to hiring new staff. From employment contracts to WHS inductions, you need to be across it all, or risk getting pulled up for unsatisfactory induction practices. The best way to stay on top is to have a streamlined Continued »

Phone Systems for SMEs

Did you know that the telephone is still the most popular method for customers to reach out for support, even when email, social media, and live chat options are enabled? There are benefits for business too, when it comes to phone communication. Calls these days can be saved and analysed, with the data forwarded to Continued »