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How to Properly Dismiss an Employee as a Business Owner

I’ll bet you didn’t know this, I sure didn’t.   Small businesses have different rules for dismissal. The rules are set out in the Small Business Fair Dismissal Code (the Code).   As a small business owner, if you dismiss an employee, follow the Code, and can provide evidence of this, The Fair Work Commission Continued »

Why You Need Professional Legal Advice for Your Small Business

Professional, university educated, experienced lawyers understand the law better than you or your business partner or best friend, regardless of how many episodes of Suits they binge-watched over the past year. Your moral compass and ability to reason logically does not matter. Lawyers know the law. As a small business owner you might think you’re Continued »

Government Grants for Small Businesses

Start-up capital is often a huge challenge for small businesses just starting out. Numerous avenues exist for business owners to try and secure finance, from traditional bank loans through to peer2peer lending. A third avenue that can be attractive for small business owners is applying for a government grant. Governments offer grants to small businesses Continued »

7 Ways For Small Businesses to Get Invoices Paid Faster

One of the main reasons small businesses fail is poor cash flow. The owner of the business could be excelling in every area, however if the primary focus is not on bringing money into the business, failure is just a missed invoice away. Here are five ways to get your invoices paid faster and improve Continued »

Accounting software for small businesses

It’s 2017 and time to do away with paper accounting. Online accounting software will save you time, money and will sound the alarm much sooner if your business is about to run out of cash. Why else should you use online accounting software for your small business? Benefits Instant, live access to current financial information Continued »

Main Reasons Small Businesses Fail

Did you know that 97 percent of all businesses in Australia fall into the category ‘small business?’ There are numerous definitions floating around from ASIC, the ATO and the ABS, about what constitutes being a small business in Australia: ABS: A business that employs fewer than 20 people. ASIC: A business with an annual revenue Continued »

Content and Social Media Marketing Plan for Small Businesses

Simply having a blog presence is not good enough for small businesses in 2017. Your small business needs cut through online. Your business needs measurable results that can be tested, fine-tuned, then tested again until the campaign runs better than Usain Bolt if he had Lance Armstrong’s doctor. This is a guide of how to Continued »

Different Types of Loans for Small Businesses

Small business owners often do not have sufficient finance in personal savings available to fund the growth of a business venture. This is where loans for small businesses can come into play. If you are a small business owner seeking a loan in Australia, you are not alone. According to comparisons website CANSTAR, 1 in Continued »

How to Write a Successful Job Ad For Your SME

Jobs website Adzuna analysed the most popular job advertisements posted by SMBs to their ‘Post a Job’ service, to find out why they received the highest number of applications. Here is the top 5: 1. Customer Service Officer – Sebastopol SA – $60,000 2. Administrative Assistant, Perth – $25 per hour 3. IT Support, Level Continued »