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Outsourcing Tips for SMEs

Poor cash flow is the single biggest killer of Australian small businesses. I have no doubt it contributes to more stress than any other facet of the business. When bills are piling up and employees need to be paid, poor cash flow can be suffocating and depressing.  SME owners primary focus must be on bringing Continued »

Creating a Leave Policy for Your SME

Creating a fair leave policy is vital for employee satisfaction and overall health of the business. It is naive to think that there is a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to leave policies for SMEs. The size, nature, and culture of the business will determine how a business structures leave. We put together a few Continued »

Hiring a Manager for Your SME

If you have reached the point in your small business where you need to hire a business manager – congratulations. Seriously, you have created a business with enough profit to warrant handing a good chunk of responsibility over so you can focus on more high-level activities, or maybe, even spend more time with the family. Continued »

Foreign Exchange Tips for SMEs

Thousands of SMEs across Australia make money by either importing goods and selling products to the Australian people, or, exporting goods and selling to markets in other countries. Sounds fairly simple, right? The greatest challenge these types of businesses face is minimising financial loss as a result of fluctuating foreign exchange rates. The risks of Continued »

Hiring for Your SME? Try These Interview Questions

Hiring the right person for your SME can change the trajectory of the business. On the flip-side, hire the wrong person and it could cost you. How do you get to the core of a candidate’s personality to make sure the hire is right? How do you learn what their values are, or what others Continued »

Hiring Tips for the New Financial Year

The new financial year is equally important for small businesses as it is for the bigger end of town. It is often wrongly assumed the new financial year is a time solely reserved for large enterprise to plan for the New Year and get budgets in order. Most small business owners undergo the same rigorous Continued »

Best Online Courses to Grow Your SME

Looking for a way to grow your small or medium sized business? Do you get the sense that doing a business related training course could help, but you don’t want to fork out thousands? It can be hard to find the right business training or coaching program, especially when you often need to invest a Continued »

Best Tools and Apps to Streamline Your SME

Are you collapsing under the weight of your to-do list? Pedalling hard but not getting anywhere? Want to grow your business to the next level but not sure of the best way? SMB owners all around all the world have the same types of problems – how to attract and manage clients, how to tackle Continued »

Cyber Security Best Practices for Your Small Business

Security is a continual hot topic among IT leaders in small and medium-sized businesses. New threats are emerging including ransomware and vulnerabilities in Internet of Things devices, while existing threats are evolving, such as distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, malware that targets mobile devices and phishing scams over email. Many SMB owners think that Continued »

Danger Pay. Does it Still Exist in 2017?

    Analysis of the most recent data set from Safe Work Australia (2003-2015), combined with current salary information from jobs website Adzuna, reveals Australia’s deadliest jobs are some of the worst paid. Adzuna focused on the breakdown agency in the report, which identifies the object, substance or circumstance principally involved at the point at Continued »