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Employee Bonuses in Small Businesses

Paying competitive wages and offering bonuses and benefits are some of the best ways to keep employees happy. When larger organisations have bigger budgets it’s hard to keep up when it comes to retaining staff in SMEs. That’s why we’re here to share advice on how to provide bonuses and benefits on a budget. The Continued »

Employee Retention at a Small to Medium Business

SMEs face a special kind of challenge when it comes to retaining staff. Given the size of the business, having the best people working for you is crucial for your success. But as you’re a smallish sized business, you often can’t compete with the wages and benefits offered by larger corporations. So how do you Continued »

Advice on Franchising Your Business

Australia is the most-franchised country in the world (per head of population). Well run and properly structured, franchising can be an exciting growth method for your business. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of franchising:   You can grow the network of your company by using the manpower and financial resources Continued »

Bullying and Harassment Policy for Small Businesses

In Australia, bullying and harassment are defined as unwelcome conduct that humiliates, offends or intimidates people. They’re not only harmful to the victim, but also to the success of your business by lowering productivity and increasing staff turnover. So it’s imperative to have a clear bullying and harassment policy that all staff are made aware Continued »

Hiring Superstars for your SME

If you run an SME you’ll know that there is simply no room for a bad hire in a smallish-sized business. In fact, you’ll probably agree that the success and growth of your business is heavily dependant on the effectiveness of your team. A superstar employee can really take you places. An underperforming worker, on Continued »

Organising the Christmas Party for your SME

The days are heating up and Christmas goods have hit the shelves, which can only mean one thing – the pointy end of the year is fast approaching! December is a time to get the team together and celebrate the year that was. The staff Christmas party is an opportunity to show your employees that Continued »

Highest Earning Names in Australia

A new study has identified the names that could affect your future earning potential. According to research by jobs website Adzuna, ‘Steve’s’ and ‘Catherine’s’ earn the most, while ‘Nathan’s’ and ‘Amy’s’ earn the least. The study was conducted in September 2017 by analysing over 50,000 CVs of recent job seekers who used Adzuna’s ValueMyCV tool, to reveal the Continued »

Hiring That First Employee in Your SME

There comes a time in many entrepreneur’s life when going it alone is no longer feasible. If this is you, congratulations! You’ve got enough business for two, so you must be doing something right. Want help with the admin work you’re drowning in? Need someone to balance the books? Want a marketing whiz or someone Continued »